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Baggetts at SALT27: Hanna, Nancy, Chris, Alexis, Rachel, Mina, Morgan & Aaron
Aaron White and Kate Harrigan in the robes
Aaron White, with Ellen Lau and Valentine Hacquard
Rachel Dudley with Aaron White at GALANA
The Attitudes: Morgan, Kate and Aaron
Aaron White at the Maryland NASSLLI
The Attitudes Group at Morgan Moyer's Honors Presentation
The Ragnar Relay runners, 2013
Aaron Steven White prepares to mount his 895 defense
Undergrad Morgan Moyer ties celebratory bowtie on new PhD candidate Aaron Steven White
Aaron Steven White with his 895 committee
Verb-cake similarity space for Aaron Steven White's 895
Linguists and philosophers at PHLINT1, 2013
Language Science Day 2012
Ragnar Relay, 2012
Ewan Dunbar and Aaron White at Mayfest 2012
Aaron Steven White
Award ceremony after the Ragnar Relay, 2011
Ragnar finish line, 2011