Buzz buzz buzz, go Anissa and Annemarie
Baggett Fellows Anissa Zaitsu and Alexis Wellwood
Baggett Fellow Aura Cruz Heredia
LSD with Baggetts: Anissa, Lalitha & Aura
Paulina Lyskawa, Rodrigo Ranero, Ted Levin and Chris Baron at the Guatemala Field Station
Nancy and Michaela in Tblisi, running experiments
Nancy Clarke and Michaela Socolof, Guatemala Field Station 2017
Baggetts at SALT27: Hanna, Nancy, Chris, Alexis, Rachel, Mina, Morgan & Aaron
Formerly Spartan Terps: MSU alums Adam Liter, Ellen Lau, Chris Heffner and Mina Hirzel
Three Baggett Amigos at the 2017 LSA: Chris Baron, Rachel Dudley and Alexis Wellwood
Annemarie van Dooren and Chris Baron
Dave Baggett, getting to know the Baggett Fellows
Dave Baggett, with Chris Baron, Rachel Dudley, Courtney Cooper, Anna Ball and Mina Hirzel
Ling major Neomi Rao presenting her work as a CASL Summer Fellow
Dave Baggett, with Summer Fellows Courtney Cooper and Anna Ball
Dave Baggett, with Baggett Fellows
Kasia Hitczenko and Tom Roberts at GALANA
Tom Roberts and Kasia Hitczenko
Hunting for sandwiches: Chris Hammerly, Anton Malko, Yi-Ting Huang, Dustin Chacón and Alix Kowalski
Baggett Fellow Chris Hammerly
PHLING at Ben's Chili Bowl: Alexander, Rachel, Alexis, Chris and Valentine
Anton Malko, Ilia Kurenkov and Anna Chrabaszcz at the 'Russian Feast' Lunch Talk
Natalia Lapinskaya, Alek Fazlipour and Ilia Kurenkov: Postbac Fellows
Colin Phillips, stopping for ice cream with his RA, Ilia Kurenkov
Baggett Fellow Lawrence Chen at Mayfest 2013
Alix Kowalski and Josh Falk at Winter Storm 2013
Chris Heffner, Josh Falk, and perceptual magnet cupcakes
Baggett Summer Scholars Anna Bonnet and Emma Nguyen, with Dave Baggett
Trustee Dave Baggett with Infant Lab high school intern Susan Ojo
Dave Baggett, with the Baggett and CASL-UMD Summer Scholars of 2012
CASL-UMD Summer Intern Ilanna Newman presenting her research
Baggett Summer Scholar Anna Bonnet presenting her research
Valentine Hacquard, with Kate Harrigan and Tara Mease, at the Baggett Summer Scholars presentation
Naomi Feldman, watching the Baggett Summer Scholars present their research
University Trustee Dave Baggett, with Colin Phillips
CASL-UMD and Baggett Summer Scholars, Emma Nguyen, Ilanna Newman, Sandy Wan and Morgan Moyer
Baggett Summer Scholar Emma Nguyen, presenting her research
Undergrad majors Sara McVeigh and Emma Nguyen
Dave Baggett, with Baggett Summer Scholars Emma Nguyen and Sany Wan
Majors and CASL Summer Interns Ilanna Newman and Morgan Moyer, after presenting their research
Ling major Morgan Moyer at Language Science Day 2012
Lawrence Chen
Former Baggetts in at CogSci 2012 in Japan: Gagliardi, Wellwood, Kleinschmidt and Bennett
Annie Gagliardi and Emma Nguyen, working the puppets
Mike Fetters, presenting his honors thesis
Julie Gerard and Erin Bennett Fear the Turtle
Baggett Fellow Erin Bennett on Maryland Day 2012
Sam Blitzstein and Mike Fetters
Shota Momma and Rachel Dudley