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Commencement 2014: Semantic Valueballers
Brad and Shevaun at Commencement, 2014
Shevaun Lewis and Brad Larson: Commencement Valueball 2014
Shevaun Lewis and Brad Larson: Alumni running in Ragnar 2013
Brad Larson, with Shevaun Lewis and Tess Wood, at the Ragnar Relay 2013
The Ragnar Relay runners, 2013
Brad Larson awaits Ellen Lau's dig, Semantic Valueball 2013
Brad Larson, ready to defend his dissertation
?*What kind of pie and when will Brad Larson eat for his PhD
Brad Larson's "What and When" PhD cake
Brad Larson earning his PhD with Howard Lasnik
Ragnar Relay, 2012
Yakov Kronrod, Brad Larson and Dan Parker after Ragnar
Maryland Day with Brad Larson, Ilina Stojanovska, Dustin Chacon and Ewan Dunbar
Ragnar award ceremony, 2011