Laurel takes the cake, upon leaving for her postdoc, from Aura
"Süßwarenbau eines Mannes in zwei Teilen" (portrait of A. Doliana by V. Hacquard)
Laurel Perkins, acquiring wh-movement via knowledge of transitivity (in cake form)
Tyler delivers Anouk her 888 cake
Extraction from a porous relative clause cake
Nick Huang, deciding which cake is porous to extraction
Q-stranding of blackberries in wh-muffins, for Aaron Doliana
Norbert, eating a muffin sprung from his own shirt
Kasia Hitczenko, with short (vowel) cake
Annemarie, figuring out how to acquire the flavors of modality (cake)
Annemarie van Dooren, with co-advisor Masha Polinsky, cutting a modal cake of unknown flavor
Acquiring a modal (cake) of unknown flavor
five-ACC witches-GEN on a cake with five-INST witches-INST
N400 responses to the object of Mandarin "bite broken", in cake form
Raised caketivation for "plant" and "platypus" at Phoebe Gaston's 888
Tyler Knowlton, assessing the number of dots on cakes and quiches
Lara Ehrenhofer, receiving her PhD cake
Brain meets Computer: Allyson Ettinger's PhD cake
Lara Ehrenhofer's PhD cake: Pac Man eating a graduate student
This could be you!
Jeff Green's son, August, choosing between two potential antecedents for PRO (cake)
Jeff (and August) Green, retrieving an antecedent for PRO (cake)
895 cakes for Laurel Perkins
Tyler Knowlton and Laurel Perkins explain language acquisition
Laurel Perkins and Tyler Knowlton prepare Rachel Dudley's recipe for factivity
Acquisition of know cake
The ingredients of Rachel Dudley's dissertation
Implicit Control into a cake, at Jeff Green's 895 defense
Third Man Sacher Torte
Experiencer cupcakes intervening at Carolina Petersen's PhD defense
A motley lot of experiencers at Carolina Petersen's PhD defense
Shota Momma, cutting where he sees no division
Allyson Ettinger's 895 cake
Julie Gerard's coloring task PhD cake
Red heart and yellow star cakes for Kate Harrigan
Froggy guesses the cake at Kate Harrigan's PhD defense
Lambchop lollies for Rachel Dudley's 895
Rachel Dudley's red blue-box 895 cake
NP cupcakes and Orita cheesecake
Choosing NP(cupcake)s at Naho Orita's PhD defense
Sayaka Goto dokes a Penguin tiramisu at Angela He's PhD defense
It's doking! Angela He's penguin PhD cake
Julie Gerard's 895 cakes
Dongwoo Park's 895 cake
Rachel Dudley, cutting Dongwoo Park's 895 cake
Principle C compliant cake for Megan Sutton's PhD
*Principle C(ake) for Megan Sutton's PhD
The layers Chris Laterza's PhdD cake are all on top of each other
Custom napkin after Chris Laterza's PhD defense
Featural lures after Dan Parker's PhD defense
Retrieval feature cakes at Sol Lago's PhD defense
A blue cake at Shota Momma's 895 defense
V and O cakes at Shota Momma's 895 defense
Headless XP ellipsis torte at Kenshi Funakoshi's PhD defense
More or less cake at Alexis Wellwood's defense
Colin serving biscotti at the Holiday Debate 2013
Celebrating Michael Gagnon's PhD defense
Wing Yee Chow thought Shevaun Lewis might like some cakes to celebrate her PhD defense
Verb-cake similarity space for Aaron Steven White's 895
Angela He's 895 cake
?*What kind of pie and when will Brad Larson eat for his PhD
Brad Larson's "What and When" PhD cake
Kate Harrigan serving her 895 cake
Kate Harrigan's 895 cake
Students BA N400 PhD cake make for Wing Yee Chow
Dave Kush's PhD cake
Ewan Dunbar's Bayes-meets-Occam dissertation cake
Binding Theory cake in celebration of Megan Sutton's 895
Zoe Schlueter and Peter Enns, after Yakov Kronrod's 895 defense
Chris Heffner, Josh Falk, and perceptual magnet cupcakes
Yakov Kronrod's perceptual magnet cake
Sol Lago's "antecedent retrieval" 895 cakes
Megan Sutton, after Alexis Wellwood's 895 defense
One of Alexis Wellwood's 895 cakes
Annie Gagliardi's Phd cake, with distracting cues
Terje Lohndal's PhD cake
ASL shortcake after So-One Hwang's PhD defense
Shevaun Lewis after her 895 defense: Where will she look for the cake?
Shevaun finds Swiper at her 895 defense
Ariane Rhone's McGurk PhD cake
Valentine Hacquard and Ellen Lau enjoying cake after Alex Drummond's PhD defense
Alex Drummond's "Move over Merge" PhD pudding
Ewan Dunbar's phonetic category 895 cake
Wing Yee Chow's unexpectedly non-cake 895 cake
Masaya Yoshida's islands cake
Eri Takahashi and Ellen Lau after Eri's defense
Brian Dillon's PhD defense cake
Brad Larson's 895 cake