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Laurel takes the cake, upon leaving for her postdoc, from Aura
Phoebe Gaston, Jackie Nelligan and Hanna Muller, en plein air
Laurel with Mina's mug of department mugs
Laurel Perkins with her PhD committee
Laurel Perkins, acquiring wh-movement via knowledge of transitivity (in cake form)
Laurel Perkins, enjoying her PhD defense
Class of 2019
Kasia Hitczenko, with Jeff Lidz and Naomi Feldman
Kasia Hitczenko, with short (vowel) cake
Alayo Tripp with her dissertation committee
Laurel Perkins, ready to graduate
Jackie and Hanna at Winter Storm, 2019
Cassidy Henry and Craig Thorburn
Naomi Feldman at Language Science Day
Craig Thorburn
Cassidy Henry
iSchool Professor Doug Oard, with Naomi Feldman, at Allyson Ettinger's PhD defense
Allyson Ettinger with her PhD committee
PhD class of 2018: Anton, Lara, Allyson and Jeff
Philip Resnik, at Allyson Ettinger's PhD defense
Allyson Ettinger, with advisors Colin Phillips and Philip Resnik
"Stroop! (There it is)" by Tag Team (Hanna & Jackie)
Undergraduate Class of 2018
Oracle model, Philip Resnik
Max Papillon in 'The Solarium'
Dissertation season 2018: Zach, Anton, Allyson
Laurel Perkins cutting her 895 cakes, Naomi Feldman joining by Skype
895 cakes for Laurel Perkins
Kasia Hitczenko at her 895 defense, with classmates Nick, Laurel and Gesoel
Allyson Ettinger defending her 895
Allyson Ettinger's 895 cake
Naomi Feldman, at Allyson Ettinger's 895 defense
Naomi Feldman, maestra del asado
Naomi's first asado with Ellen's new baby
Aaron White and Kate Harrigan in the robes
Allyson and Kasia relaxing
Kasia Hitczenko at Winter Storm 2016
Dave Baggett, getting to know the Baggett Fellows
Aaron White, with Ellen Lau and Valentine Hacquard
Laurel Perkins and Kasia Hitczenko
NP cupcakes and Orita cheesecake
Naho Orita with her PhD committee
Dustin, Kate, Mike and Jordan, happy to photograph Naho Orita after her PhD defense
Choosing NP(cupcake)s at Naho Orita's PhD defense
Naho and neko defend her PhD
Kasia Hitczenko and Tom Roberts at GALANA
Hal Daumé loves computing!
Tom Roberts and Kasia Hitczenko
Jimmy Lin, from the UMD iSchool, at Chris Laterza's defense
Aaron White at the Maryland NASSLLI
Natalia Lapinskaya, Alek Fazlipour and Ilia Kurenkov: Postbac Fellows
Colin Phillips, stopping for ice cream with his RA, Ilia Kurenkov
Aaron Steven White prepares to mount his 895 defense
Undergrad Morgan Moyer ties celebratory bowtie on new PhD candidate Aaron Steven White
Aaron Steven White with his 895 committee
Verb-cake similarity space for Aaron Steven White's 895
Naomi Feldman and Sayaka Funakoshi
Bill idsardi at Mayfest 2013
Naomi Feldman and Hal Daume
Hal Daume, Department of Computer Science
Graduating undergraduates, 2013
Bill Idsardi introducing Ewan Dunbar's dissertation defense
Dave Kush presents Ewan Dunbar with his dissertation cake
Ewan Dunbar's Bayes-meets-Occam dissertation cake
Jeff Lidz with Phil Rubin, President Obama's Principal Assistant Director for Science
Alix Kowalski and Josh Falk at Winter Storm 2013
Peter Enns at Winter Storm 2013
Zoe Schlueter and Peter Enns, after Yakov Kronrod's 895 defense
Chris Heffner, Josh Falk, and perceptual magnet cupcakes
Naomi Feldman and Philip Resnik
Yakov Kronrod's perceptual magnet cake
Dan Parker, Dave Kush and Peter Enns applauding Yakov Kronrod's 895 defense
Naomi Feldman, watching the Baggett Summer Scholars present their research
University Trustee Dave Baggett, with Colin Phillips
Philip Resnik introduces ReactLabs before the first 2012 presidential debate
Language Science Day 2012
Yakov Kronrod, Brad Larson and Dan Parker after Ragnar
Yakov Kronrod and Ewan Dunbar
Annie Gagliardi defending her dissertation
Ewan Dunbar and Aaron White at Mayfest 2012
Lidz et al. at Mayfest 2012
Baggett Fellow Erin Bennett on Maryland Day 2012
Yakov Kronrod, David Miele, Jeff Lidz, Tess Wood, and Annie Gagliardi after Azalea Classic 5K run
Bill Idsardi in the main office
Bill Idsardi with Jeff Lidz
Naomi Feldman
Ewan Dunbar's phonetic category 895 cake
Philip Resnik, Yakov Kronrod and Ellen Lau at Language Science Day
Philip Resnik at Language Science Day
Naomi Feldman during office hours