Laurel, Laurel, Polina, Paulina, Masha and Maša
Phoebe Gaston, Jackie Nelligan and Hanna Muller, en plein air
"Süßwarenbau eines Mannes in zwei Teilen" (portrait of A. Doliana by V. Hacquard)
Justin Malčić, blending in
Laurel with Mina's mug of department mugs
Polina and Paulina, at the new student lunch
Yu'an Yang, Gold Medal in running child subjects
Laurel Perkins with her PhD committee
Laurel Perkins, acquiring wh-movement via knowledge of transitivity (in cake form)
Laurel Perkins, enjoying her PhD defense
Anouk Dieuleveut, defending her 888
Tyler delivers Anouk her 888 cake
Anouk Dieuleveut with her 888 committee
Annemarie, Mina, Valentine, Rachel, Anouk and Tyler on Martha's Vineyard
Nick Huang, defending his PhD thesis
Howard Lasnik congratulating Nick Huang
Extraction from a porous relative clause cake
Nick Huang, deciding which cake is porous to extraction
Class of 2019
Aaron Doliana, with his 888 committee
Tyler, in coral
Kasia Hitczenko, with Jeff Lidz and Naomi Feldman
Buzz buzz buzz, go Anissa and Annemarie
Alayo Tripp with her dissertation committee
Sigwan with Alexander, after her 888
Sigwan Thivierge with advisors, Masha and Omer
Rodrigo Ranero at his 888 defense
Rodrigo Ranero with his 888 committee
One cake is nondistinct from the other, but I don't know which
Maryland at the 8th MACSIM
Annemarie van Dooren giving a talk at the 8th MACSIM
Annemarie, figuring out how to acquire the flavors of modality (cake)
Annemarie van Dooren, with co-advisor Masha Polinsky, cutting a modal cake of unknown flavor
Acquiring a modal (cake) of unknown flavor
Laurel Perkins, ready to graduate
Jackie and Hanna at Winter Storm, 2019
Max Papillon interfacing with PF
Max Papillon with his 895 committee
Suyoung Bae with her 895 committee
five-ACC witches-GEN on a cake with five-INST witches-INST
Paulina Lyskawa with her 888 committee
Aaron Doliana and Juan Uriagereka
N400 responses to the object of Mandarin "bite broken", in cake form
Chia-Hsuan Liao after defending her 888, with advisor Ellen Lau
Cassidy Henry and Craig Thorburn
Paulina Lyskawa, accepting her LSC Service Award with Masha Polinsky
Craig Thorburn
Cassidy Henry
Rodrigo Ranero, reading up on LSD
Masa Nakamura in 1108
Raised caketivation for "plant" and "platypus" at Phoebe Gaston's 888
Phoebe Gaston defending her 888
Phoebe Gaston at her 888 defense
Aaron, Rodrigo and Tyler, not at the office
Worth 1003 words
Sigwan Thivierge returns from teaching in Tbilisi
Sigwan Thivierge teaching syntax in Tbilisi
Tyler Knowlton, assessing the number of dots on cakes and quiches
Jeff Lidz after Tyler Knowlton's 888 defense
Aaron Doliana with Norbert Hornstein
Tyler Knowlton with his 888 committee
Annemarie in Tblisi teaching semantics at Summer School
Third Man research crew at ICIS, 2018: Laurel, Mina and Tyler
Lara Ehrenhofer, receiving her PhD cake
Dr. Lara Ehrenhofer, and a congratulatory hug from Colin Phillips
Allyson Ettinger with her PhD committee
Brain meets Computer: Allyson Ettinger's PhD cake
Lara Ehrenhofer defending her dissertation
Lara Ehrenhofer's PhD cake: Pac Man eating a graduate student
Allyson Ettinger, with advisors Colin Phillips and Philip Resnik
Lara Ehrenhofer with her PhD committee
Rodrigo Ranero with Tz'utujiil consultant Doña Rosaria
Paulina Lyskawa with Tz'utujiil consultant Doña Rosaria
"Stroop! (There it is)" by Tag Team (Hanna & Jackie)
InternalMerge( NorbertHornstein , HannaMuller )
Jeff Green, Class of 2018, with Alexander Williams
PhDs and advisors at Commencement 2018
Zach Stone with Juan Uriagereka, Commencement 2018
Rachel Dudley with her advisors, at Commencement 2018
Paulina Lyskawa, Rodrigo Ranero, Ted Levin and Chris Baron at the Guatemala Field Station
This could be you!
Jeff and Holly Green at Commencement, 2018
Rachel Dudley with undergrad RA Rebecca Magazin
Zach Stone, Rachel Dudley and Jeff Green, commencing in 2018
Jeff Green's son, August, choosing between two potential antecedents for PRO (cake)
Jeff (and August) Green, retrieving an antecedent for PRO (cake)
Jeff Green, newly Dr'ed, with Ellen and Alexander
Adam Liter
Zach Stone, upon acceptance of his dissertation
Hisao Kurokami, presenting his research
Anton and Sigwan
Tyler Knowlton, inspired
Yu'an Yang at work
Rodrigo Ranero and Anouk Dieuleveut
Tyler Knowlton in the Acquisition Lab
Sigwan Thivierge and Rodrigo Ranero
The Aaron Doliana habitat
Rodrigo, Paulina and Ted with Doña Rosaria, Tz'utujiil consultant in Patzún Guatemala
Laurel Perkins cutting her 895 cakes, Naomi Feldman joining by Skype
895 cakes for Laurel Perkins
Laurel Perkins, blowing the minds of her 895 committee
Gesoel Mendes at Language Science Day 2017
Tyler Knowlton at Georgetown for the 7th MACSIM
Yu'an and Gesoel, Language Science Day 2017
Paulina Lyskawa at the Guatemala Field Station, 2017
Ted Levin and Rodrigo Ranero, Guatemala Field Station 2017
Tyler Knowlton and Laurel Perkins explain language acquisition
Laurel Perkins and Tyler Knowlton prepare Rachel Dudley's recipe for factivity
Acquisition of know cake
The ingredients of Rachel Dudley's dissertation
Sigwan Thievierge and Aaron Doliana, taking a break
Dr. Rachel Dudley, with Jeff, Alexander and Valentine
Baggetts at SALT27: Hanna, Nancy, Chris, Alexis, Rachel, Mina, Morgan & Aaron
Mina, Anouk, Tyler, Laurel & Sigwan at SALT27
Formerly Spartan Terps: MSU alums Adam Liter, Ellen Lau, Chris Heffner and Mina Hirzel
Aaron, Tyler and Rodgrio, the blue-sweater boys of 2021
Implicit Control into a cake, at Jeff Green's 895 defense
Celebrating the Third Man NSF grant
Jeff, Alexander Tara, Mina and Laurel
Experiencer cupcakes intervening at Carolina Petersen's PhD defense
A motley lot of experiencers at Carolina Petersen's PhD defense
Carolina Petersen with Norbert Hornstein, after her PhD defense
Carolina Petersen, defending her PhD to Jairo Nunes
Shota Momma, cutting where he sees no division
Allyson Ettinger defending her 895
Allyson Ettinger's 895 cake
Norbert Hornstein, Phoebe Gaston and Max Papillon
Julie Gerard's coloring task PhD cake
Julie Gerard, congratulated by Rachel Dudley for her PhD
Julie Gerard, smiling after defending her dissertation
Kate and Booboo graduate
Zoe Schlueter listening to Mike Fetters
Mike Fetters defending his 895
Chris Heffner, explaining the brain at the AAAS Family Science Days
Anton, Lara and Chris at the AAAS Family Science Days
Mike Fetters and Ted Levin at WCCFL, 2016
Max Papillon, Winter Storm 2016
Annemarie van Dooren and Chris Baron
Kasia Hitczenko at Winter Storm 2016
Dave Baggett, getting to know the Baggett Fellows
Dave Baggett, with Chris Baron, Rachel Dudley, Courtney Cooper, Anna Ball and Mina Hirzel
Kate Harrigan, ready to defend her PhD
Froggy guesses the cake at Kate Harrigan's PhD defense
Kate Harrigan earns her doctoral sash
Aaron White, with Ellen Lau and Valentine Hacquard
Kate Harrigan presents Rachel Dudley with a choice of two cakes
Rachel Dudley defending her 895
Lambchop lollies for Rachel Dudley's 895
Rachel Dudley with Grace Hynes, RA and linguistics major
Rachel Dudley's red blue-box 895 cake
Rachel Dudley with her advisors
NP cupcakes and Orita cheesecake
Naho Orita with her PhD committee
Dustin, Kate, Mike and Jordan, happy to photograph Naho Orita after her PhD defense
Choosing NP(cupcake)s at Naho Orita's PhD defense
Naho and neko defend her PhD
Rachel Dudley, Mellow Yellow
Laurel Perkins at GALANA
Nick Huang and Gesoel Mendes at GALANA
Kate Harrigan at GALANA
Laurel Perkins, with Andrea Zukowski, at GALANA
Jeff Lidz with Lyn Tieu at GALANA
Kasia Hitczenko and Tom Roberts at GALANA
Zoe Schlueter with Ellen Lau and Colin Phillips
Zoe Schlueter with her 895 committee
Zoe Schlueter, successfully defending her 895
Angela He with her PhD committee
It's doking! Angela He's penguin PhD cake
Jeff Lidz with Angela He, celebrating a successful PhD defense
Angela He at her dissertation defense
Julie Gerard's 895 cakes
Dongwoo Park's 895 cake
Rachel Dudley, cutting Dongwoo Park's 895 cake
Dongwoo Park with his 895 committee
Megan Sutton's PhD committee
Principle C compliant cake for Megan Sutton's PhD
*Principle C(ake) for Megan Sutton's PhD
Tom Roberts and Kasia Hitczenko
Allyson Ettinger, with Anton Malko
Hunting for sandwiches: Chris Hammerly, Anton Malko, Yi-Ting Huang, Dustin Chacón and Alix Kowalski
The layers Chris Laterza's PhdD cake are all on top of each other
Custom napkin after Chris Laterza's PhD defense
Alexis Wellwood, newly enjoying her PhD, with Alexander Williams
Morgan Moyer and Julie Gerard, at the NASSLLI Valueball tournament
Allyson Ettinger serving, at the NASSLLI Semantic Valueball tournament
Aaron White at the Maryland NASSLLI
Featural lures after Dan Parker's PhD defense
Dan Parker fields questions about his dissertation
Rachel Dudley at the Maryland NASSLLI
Dan Parker looking forward to the future, after his PhD defense
Dan Parker with his PhD committee
Jeff Lidz congratulates Dr. Dan Parker with a Skyped handshake
Allyson Ettinger, sharing good news with Valentine Hacquard
Allyson Ettinger with Valentine Hacquard
Retrieval feature cakes at Sol Lago's PhD defense
Getting ready for Sol Lago's PhD defense
A blue cake at Shota Momma's 895 defense
V and O cakes at Shota Momma's 895 defense
Sol Lago, laughing with Ellen and Alexander, after her PhD defense
Sol Lago after her PhD defense, with Ellen and Alexander
Team play: Rachel Dudley, Valentine Hacquard and Alexander Williams on the Semantic Valueball court
Norbert putting the ball in the other guy's court
Sayaka Goto's killer serve
Morgan Moyer at graduation, with Valentine and Alexander
Rachel Dudley, planning the 6th NASSLLI
Commencement 2014: Semantic Valueballers
Brad and Shevaun at Commencement, 2014
Headless XP ellipsis torte at Kenshi Funakoshi's PhD defense
Norbert and Howard congratulate Kenshi Funakoshi at his PhD defense
Kenshi Funakoshi, defending his dissertation
Alexis Wellwood, with a glass half full
More or less cake at Alexis Wellwood's defense
Cakes at Alexis Wellwood's PhD defense
Alexis Wellwood's PhD committee: Pietroski, Schwarzschild, Israel, Hacquard and Williams
Alexis with Alexander, at her defense
Alexis Wellwood after defending, with Valentine Hacquard
Morgan Moyer with advisor, Valentine Hacquard
The Attitudes Group at Morgan Moyer's Honors Presentation
Rachel Dudley with Anton Malko, on the semantic valueball courts
Valentine Hacquard serving the semantic valueball to visiting speaker Florian Jaeger
Our semantic valueball coaches
Coaches V and A, flexing their semantic valueball muscles
See photo for title
PHLING at Ben's Chili Bowl: Alexander, Rachel, Alexis, Chris and Valentine
Lara Ehrenhofer at the Holiday Debate 2013
Lara Ehrenhofer moderating the Holiday Debate 2013
Colin serving biscotti at the Holiday Debate 2013
Megan Sutton and Mike Fetters with Jean Berko Gleason, after being awarded Best Abstract at BUCLD38
Lara Ehrenhofer with Allyson Ettinger, Language Science Day 2013
Carolina Petersen with her 895 committee
Shota Momma, with Alek Fazlipour
Jeff Green and Alexander Williams, with Zach Stone and Alexis Wellwood, Language Science Day 2013
Anton Malko with Anna Chrabaszcz on Language Science Day 2013
Alexander Williams congratulating Alexis Wellwood on winning the College Service Award
Alexis Wellwood receiving the College Service Award
Alexis Wellwood receiving the College Service Award from Dean Thornton Dill
Celebrating Michael Gagnon's PhD defense
Michael Gagnon with his co-advisors
Michael Gagnon defending his PhD
Shevaun Lewis after her PhD defense, with Wing Yee Chow
Wing Yee Chow thought Shevaun Lewis might like some cakes to celebrate her PhD defense
Aaron Steven White prepares to mount his 895 defense
Undergrad Morgan Moyer ties celebratory bowtie on new PhD candidate Aaron Steven White
Aaron Steven White with his 895 committee
Verb-cake similarity space for Aaron Steven White's 895
Brad Larson, ready to defend his dissertation
Brad Larson's "What and When" PhD cake
Brad Larson earning his PhD with Howard Lasnik
Kate Harrigan serving her 895 cake
Kate Harrigan's 895 cake
Kate Harrigan defending her 895
Kate Harrigan with Jeff Lidz, celebrating her 895
Kate Harrigan, PhD Candidate
Wing Yee Chow and Shevaun Lewis
Dave Kush, Wing Yee Chow, Shevaun Lewis and Ewan Dunbar, June 2013
Wing Yee Chow at her PhD defense with Colin Phillips and Ellen Lau
Students BA N400 PhD cake make for Wing Yee Chow
Naomi Feldman and Sayaka Funakoshi
The Pronominals: Alex Drummond and Dave Kush
Shevaun Lewis celebrating Dave Kush's PhD defense
Dave Kush and Colin Phillips, his advisor
Ellen Lau congratulates Dave Kush on his PhD
Jeff Lidz congratulating Dave Kush on his PhD defense
Wing Yee Chow and Shannon Barrios at Mayfest 2013 with Frank Keller
Wing Yee Chow and Ellen Lau at Mayfest 2013
Bill Idsardi introducing Ewan Dunbar's dissertation defense
Dave Kush presents Ewan Dunbar with his dissertation cake
Ewan Dunbar's Bayes-meets-Occam dissertation cake
Megan Sutton teaching Maryland about Language Science
Megan Sutton at the Language Science tent on Maryland Day
Megan Sutton and Shevaun Lewis at Maryland Day
Linguists and philosophers at PHLINT1, 2013
Zoe Schlueter with Morgan Moyer
Peter Enns at Winter Storm 2013
Megan Sutton, happy after passing her 895
Binding Theory cake in celebration of Megan Sutton's 895
Megan Sutton defending her 895
Zoe Schlueter and Peter Enns, after Yakov Kronrod's 895 defense
Chris Heffner, Josh Falk, and perceptual magnet cupcakes
Yakov Kronrod's perceptual magnet cake
Dan Parker, Dave Kush and Peter Enns applauding Yakov Kronrod's 895 defense
Shota Momma
Baggett Summer Scholars Anna Bonnet and Emma Nguyen, with Dave Baggett
Valentine Hacquard, with Kate Harrigan and Tara Mease, at the Baggett Summer Scholars presentation
Sol Lago defending her 895
Sol Lago's "antecedent retrieval" 895 cakes
Language Science Day 2012
Ragnar Relay, 2012
Yakov Kronrod, Brad Larson and Dan Parker after Ragnar
Former Baggetts in at CogSci 2012 in Japan: Gagliardi, Wellwood, Kleinschmidt and Bennett
Annie Gagliardi, working a frog
Annie Gagliardi and Emma Nguyen, working the puppets
Megan Sutton and Kate Harrigan, creating stimuli
Megan Sutton, after Alexis Wellwood's 895 defense
Alexis Wellwood qualifying for PhD candidacy
Alexis Wellwood presenting her 895
Yakov Kronrod and Ewan Dunbar
Jeff Lidz hoods Annie Gagliardi
Snapshots of Graduation 2012
Annie Gagliardi presenting her PhD
Annie Gagliardi's Phd cake, with distracting cues
Mike Fetters, Norbert Hornstein, Megan Sutton, Tori Peck and Tara Mease at a PhD defense
Angela He and Annie Gagliardi, with Alex Clark, at Mayfest 2012
Ewan Dunbar and Aaron White at Mayfest 2012
Daniel Younathan with near-infrared spectroscopy cap
Julie Gerard and Erin Bennett Fear the Turtle
MEG tour on Maryland Day 2012
Dustin Chacon with Ilina Stojanovska on Maryland Day
Shevaun Lewis with Lyn Tieu on Maryland Day 2012
Maryland Day with Brad Larson, Ilina Stojanovska, Dustin Chacon and Ewan Dunbar
Yakov Kronrod, David Miele, Jeff Lidz, Tess Wood, and Annie Gagliardi after Azalea Classic 5K run
Terje Lohndal after his PhD defense
Terje Lohndal answering Barry Schein
Terje Lohndal defending his dissertation
Terje Lohndal's PhD cake
Terje Lohndal and Howard Lasnik
Alexis Wellwood and Valentine Hacquard
Norbert Hornstein and Shevaun Lewis
Aaron Steven White
Ewan Dunbar asking Noam Chomsky a question
Annie Gagliardi
Michaël Gagnon defending his 895
Shota Momma and Rachel Dudley
Ragnar award ceremony, 2011
Ragnar finish line, 2011
ASL shortcake after So-One Hwang's PhD defense
Shevaun Lewis after her 895 defense: Where will she look for the cake?
Shevaun finds Swiper at her 895 defense
So-One Hwang at her PhD defense
Ariane Rhone's McGurk PhD cake
Brad Larson and Shevaun Lewis, after Shevaun's 895 defense
Josh Riley-Graham defending his PhD
Alexis Wellwood and Shevaun Lewis
Pedro Alcocer defending his 895
Dave Kush congratulates Alex Drummond on his PhD defense
Paul Pietroski and Chris LaTerza
Ewan Dunbar's phonetic category 895 cake
Wing Yee Chow's unexpectedly non-cake 895 cake
Sol Lago working in the CNL solarium
Tara Mease and Megan Sutton in the Acquisition Lab