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Laurel Perkins with her PhD committee
Anouk Dieuleveut with her 888 committee
Nick Huang with his PhD committee
Aaron Doliana, with his 888 committee
Kasia Hitczenko, with Jeff Lidz and Naomi Feldman
April Lidz explains the Stroop Effect at local elementary school STEM night
Annemarie van Dooren, with her 895 committee
Suyoung Bae with her 895 committee
Laurel, Dan, Tyler, Mina, Jeff, Rodrigo and Christian
Jeff Lidz after Tyler Knowlton's 888 defense
Tyler Knowlton with his 888 committee
Lara Ehrenhofer with her PhD committee
PhDs and advisors at Commencement 2018
Rachel Dudley with her advisors, at Commencement 2018
Jeff Lidz at Commencement, 2018
Undergrad major Mac Lauchman presents her work in the Acquisition Lab on event perception in infants
Undergrad major Abby Kameny presents her work on syntactic bootstrapping in learning verb meanings
Undergrad major Joon Lee presents his work on the distribution of modal verbs in speech to children
Laurel Perkins, blowing the minds of her 895 committee
The ingredients of Rachel Dudley's dissertation
Dr. Rachel Dudley, with Jeff, Alexander and Valentine
Celebrating the Third Man NSF grant
Jeff, Alexander Tara, Mina and Laurel
Third Man Sacher Torte
Jeff Lidz, teaching kids about quantifier meanings at the AAAS Family Science Days
Visiting AP Psychology students from Northwood High School
Jeff and Howard at Mike Fetters's 895 defense
The most duoest: Jeff Lidz and Paul Pietroski
Kate Harrigan with her PhD committee
Tonia, Jeff and Alexander after the 2015 Azalea Classic 5K
Naho Orita with her PhD committee
Jeff Lidz hurls a ball of Qi at GALANA
Jeff Lidz at GALANA, with Dustin Chacon and Colin Phillips
Jeff Lidz with Lyn Tieu at GALANA
Angela He with her PhD committee
Jeff Lidz with Angela He, celebrating a successful PhD defense
Megan Sutton's PhD committee
Jeff Lidz congratulates Dr. Dan Parker with a Skyped handshake
Jeff Lidz at Brad Larson's PhD defense
Angela He, with her 895 committee
Jeff Lidz congratulating Dave Kush on his PhD defense
Jeff Lidz with Phil Rubin, President Obama's Principal Assistant Director for Science
Ragnar Relay, 2012
Jeff Lidz at the presentation of 2012 Honors papers
Jeff Lidz hoods Annie Gagliardi
Lidz et al. at Mayfest 2012
Yakov Kronrod, David Miele, Jeff Lidz, Tess Wood, and Annie Gagliardi after Azalea Classic 5K run
Jeff Lidz in the main office
Bill Idsardi with Jeff Lidz
Award ceremony after the Ragnar Relay, 2011
Ragnar finish line, 2011
Jeff Lidz at work
Jeff Lidz, Valentine Hacquard and Annie Gagliardi
Jeff Lidz meeting with Megan Sutton
Graduation at UMD: Jeff Lidz, Colin Phillips, Juan Uriagereka and Norbert Hornstein
Bill Idsardi and Jeff Lidz at Brian Dillon's dissertation defense