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Laurel takes the cake, upon leaving for her postdoc, from Aura
Laurel, Laurel, Polina, Paulina, Masha and Maša
Undergraduate major Jiabao Zhou, presenting work on Islands in child language
Tyler and Taylor, collective and distributive
Laurel with Mina's mug of department mugs
Yu'an Yang, Gold Medal in running child subjects
Summer RA Mia Kriegel working Ursula the Bear
Laurel Perkins with her PhD committee
Laurel Perkins, acquiring wh-movement via knowledge of transitivity (in cake form)
Laurel Perkins, enjoying her PhD defense
Anouk Dieuleveut, defending her 888
Tyler delivers Anouk her 888 cake
Anouk Dieuleveut with her 888 committee
Annemarie, Mina, Valentine, Rachel, Anouk and Tyler on Martha's Vineyard
Nick Huang, defending his PhD thesis
Extraction from a porous relative clause cake
Nick Huang with his PhD committee
Nick Huang, deciding which cake is porous to extraction
Class of 2019
Valentine and Ellen, in uniform
Tyler, in coral
Kasia Hitczenko, with Jeff Lidz and Naomi Feldman
Kasia Hitczenko, with short (vowel) cake
Buzz buzz buzz, go Anissa and Annemarie
Postdoc Dan Goodhue, sublimating into the Matrix
Alayo Tripp with her dissertation committee
Postdoc Dan Goodhue, teaching high schoolers about linguistics
Maryland at the 8th MACSIM
Annemarie van Dooren giving a talk at the 8th MACSIM
Adam Liter talking about medial WH-words in child production
Annemarie, figuring out how to acquire the flavors of modality (cake)
Annemarie van Dooren, with co-advisor Masha Polinsky, cutting a modal cake of unknown flavor
Annemarie van Dooren, with her 895 committee
Acquiring a modal (cake) of unknown flavor
Laurel Perkins, ready to graduate
Laurel, Dan, Tyler, Mina, Jeff, Rodrigo and Christian
Undergraduate major Mariam Aiyad
Undergraduate majors: Lili, William and Mariam
Dan Goodhue at work
Jeff Lidz, with Alexander agreeing
Jeff Lidz after Tyler Knowlton's 888 defense
Third Man research crew at ICIS, 2018: Laurel, Mina and Tyler
Lara Ehrenhofer with her PhD committee
Undergraduate Class of 2018
PhDs and advisors at Commencement 2018
Rachel Dudley with her advisors, at Commencement 2018
This could be you!
Jeff Lidz at Commencement, 2018
Rachel Dudley with undergrad RA Rebecca Magazin
Zach Stone, Rachel Dudley and Jeff Green, commencing in 2018
Undergrad major Mac Lauchman presents her work in the Acquisition Lab on event perception in infants
Undergrad major Abby Kameny presents her work on syntactic bootstrapping in learning verb meanings
Undergrad major Joon Lee presents his work on the distribution of modal verbs in speech to children
Adam Liter
Valentine Hacquard, après science
Hisao Kurokami, presenting his research
Tyler Knowlton, inspired
Yu'an Yang at work
Tyler Knowlton in the Acquisition Lab
Acquisition Labbers practicing their craft
Laurel Perkins cutting her 895 cakes, Naomi Feldman joining by Skype
895 cakes for Laurel Perkins
Laurel Perkins, blowing the minds of her 895 committee
Anouk and Annemarie working on modality
Valentine with Mod Squadders Annemarie van Dooren, Ailis Cournane and Maxime Tulling
S.M.A.A.R.T. at the 7th MACSIM
Yu'an and Gesoel, Language Science Day 2017
Tyler Knowlton and Laurel Perkins explain language acquisition
Laurel Perkins and Tyler Knowlton prepare Rachel Dudley's recipe for factivity
Acquisition of know cake
The ingredients of Rachel Dudley's dissertation
Dr. Rachel Dudley, with Jeff, Alexander and Valentine
Hanna "Van Orman" Balick, Class of 2017
Baggetts at SALT27: Hanna, Nancy, Chris, Alexis, Rachel, Mina, Morgan & Aaron
Mina, Anouk, Tyler, Laurel & Sigwan at SALT27
Formerly Spartan Terps: MSU alums Adam Liter, Ellen Lau, Chris Heffner and Mina Hirzel
Aaron, Tyler and Rodgrio, the blue-sweater boys of 2021
Celebrating the Third Man NSF grant
Jeff, Alexander Tara, Mina and Laurel
Third Man Sacher Torte
High school intern Elia Martin in the acquisition lab
Julie Gerard's coloring task PhD cake
Julie Gerard, congratulated by Rachel Dudley for her PhD
Naomi Feldman, maestra del asado
Naomi's first asado with Ellen's new baby
Julie Gerard, smiling after defending her dissertation
Aaron White and Kate Harrigan in the robes
Kate and Booboo graduate
Mike Fetters defending his 895
Jeff Lidz, teaching kids about quantifier meanings at the AAAS Family Science Days
Visiting AP Psychology students from Northwood High School
Jeff and Howard at Mike Fetters's 895 defense
Mike Fetters and Ted Levin at WCCFL, 2016
The most duoest: Jeff Lidz and Paul Pietroski
Dave Baggett, getting to know the Baggett Fellows
Dave Baggett, with Chris Baron, Rachel Dudley, Courtney Cooper, Anna Ball and Mina Hirzel
Dave Baggett, with Summer Fellows Courtney Cooper and Anna Ball
Dave Baggett, with Baggett Fellows
Kate Harrigan, having successfully defended her PhD
Kate Harrigan, ready to defend her PhD
Kate Harrigan with her PhD committee
Kate Harrigan earns her doctoral sash
Kate Harrigan presents Rachel Dudley with a choice of two cakes
Rachel Dudley defending her 895
Lambchop lollies for Rachel Dudley's 895
Rachel Dudley with Grace Hynes, RA and linguistics major
Rachel Dudley's red blue-box 895 cake
Rachel Dudley with her advisors
Laurel Perkins and Kasia Hitczenko
Tonia, Jeff and Alexander after the 2015 Azalea Classic 5K
Naho Orita with her PhD committee
Dustin, Kate, Mike and Jordan, happy to photograph Naho Orita after her PhD defense
Choosing NP(cupcake)s at Naho Orita's PhD defense
Naho and neko defend her PhD
Rachel Dudley, Mellow Yellow
Laurel Perkins at GALANA
Jeff Lidz hurls a ball of Qi at GALANA
Kate Harrigan at GALANA
Mike Fetters and Dustin Chacón
Jeff Lidz at GALANA, with Dustin Chacon and Colin Phillips
Laurel Perkins, with Andrea Zukowski, at GALANA
Rachel Dudley and Colin Phillips at GALANA
2010 alumnus Akira Omaki at GALANA
Undergrad majors, Tim and Gracie, at GALANA
Rachel Dudley with Aaron White at GALANA
The Attitudes: Morgan, Kate and Aaron
Alexander and Omer, steadfast at GALANA
Jeff Lidz with Lyn Tieu at GALANA
Kasia Hitczenko and Tom Roberts at GALANA
Sayaka Goto dokes a Penguin tiramisu at Angela He's PhD defense
Angela He with her PhD committee
It's doking! Angela He's penguin PhD cake
Jeff Lidz with Angela He, celebrating a successful PhD defense
Angela He at her dissertation defense
Julie Gerard's 895 cakes
Valentine Hacquard calls Terp TD
Megan Sutton's PhD committee
Principle C compliant cake for Megan Sutton's PhD
*Principle C(ake) for Megan Sutton's PhD
Sigrídur Björndóttir and William Matchin
Rachel Dudley gives Norbert a hand as Coach Kratzer watches, at NASSLLI Semantic Valueball
Morgan Moyer and Julie Gerard, at the NASSLLI Valueball tournament
Morgan Moyer taking a rare break at the Maryland NASSLLI
Aaron White at the Maryland NASSLLI
Rachel Dudley at the Maryland NASSLLI
Team play: Rachel Dudley, Valentine Hacquard and Alexander Williams on the Semantic Valueball court
Morgan Moyer at graduation, with Valentine and Alexander
Rachel Dudley, planning the 6th NASSLLI
Commencement 2014: Semantic Valueballers
Brad and Shevaun at Commencement, 2014
Graduating seniors, Morgan Moyer and Anne Ramirez
Commencement Valueball 2014: Graduated senior, Morgan Moyer
Shevaun Lewis and Brad Larson: Commencement Valueball 2014
Senior Morgan Moyer, presenting her Honors Thesis
Morgan Moyer with advisor, Valentine Hacquard
The Attitudes Group at Morgan Moyer's Honors Presentation
2014 Azalea Classic 5K run: Andrea, Valentine, Alexander, Tom and Shevaun
Semantic Valueballers, April 2014
Rachel Dudley with Anton Malko, on the semantic valueball courts
Coaches V and A, flexing their semantic valueball muscles
PHLING at Ben's Chili Bowl: Alexander, Rachel, Alexis, Chris and Valentine
Ling major Kari Grimplin accepting a scholarship from Dean Thornton Dill
Senior Scholar Sara McVeigh with advisor Peggy Antonisse
Dean Thornton Dill awarding Senior Scholar Sara McVeigh
Megan Sutton and Mike Fetters with Jean Berko Gleason, after being awarded Best Abstract at BUCLD38
Shevaun Lewis and Brad Larson: Alumni running in Ragnar 2013
Jeff Lidz at Brad Larson's PhD defense
Shevaun Lewis after her PhD defense, with Wing Yee Chow
Wing Yee Chow thought Shevaun Lewis might like some cakes to celebrate her PhD defense
Shevaun Lewis, receiving a photo collage of her years at UMD
Aaron Steven White prepares to mount his 895 defense
Undergrad Morgan Moyer ties celebratory bowtie on new PhD candidate Aaron Steven White
Aaron Steven White with his 895 committee
Verb-cake similarity space for Aaron Steven White's 895
Angela He, with her 895 committee
Tonia Bleam, undergraduate advisor
Angela He's 895 cake
Kate Harrigan serving her 895 cake
Kate Harrigan's 895 cake
Kate Harrigan defending her 895
Kate Harrigan with Jeff Lidz, celebrating her 895
Kate Harrigan, PhD Candidate
Wing Yee Chow and Shevaun Lewis
Jeff Lidz congratulating Dave Kush on his PhD defense
Y.T. Huang, Y.F. Shah, A. Williams, A. Wellwood, E. Lau, and A. Omaki at Mayfest 2013
Some graduating majors of 2013
Undergraduate graduation, 2013
Bill Idsardi introducing Ewan Dunbar's dissertation defense
Dave Kush presents Ewan Dunbar with his dissertation cake
Ewan Dunbar's Bayes-meets-Occam dissertation cake
Jeff Lidz with Phil Rubin, President Obama's Principal Assistant Director for Science
Megan Sutton teaching Maryland about Language Science
Megan Sutton at the Language Science tent on Maryland Day
Megan Sutton and Shevaun Lewis at Maryland Day
Zoe Schlueter with Morgan Moyer
Megan Sutton, happy after passing her 895
Binding Theory cake in celebration of Megan Sutton's 895
Megan Sutton defending her 895
Undergrad major Emma Nguyen preparing an experiment
Baggett Summer Scholars Anna Bonnet and Emma Nguyen, with Dave Baggett
Trustee Dave Baggett with Infant Lab high school intern Susan Ojo
Dave Baggett, with the Baggett and CASL-UMD Summer Scholars of 2012
CASL-UMD Summer Intern Ilanna Newman presenting her research
Baggett Summer Scholar Anna Bonnet presenting her research
Valentine Hacquard, with Kate Harrigan and Tara Mease, at the Baggett Summer Scholars presentation
Naomi Feldman, watching the Baggett Summer Scholars present their research
CASL-UMD and Baggett Summer Scholars, Emma Nguyen, Ilanna Newman, Sandy Wan and Morgan Moyer
Baggett Summer Scholar Emma Nguyen, presenting her research
Undergrad majors Sara McVeigh and Emma Nguyen
Dave Baggett, with Baggett Summer Scholars Emma Nguyen and Sany Wan
Majors and CASL Summer Interns Ilanna Newman and Morgan Moyer, after presenting their research
Sol Lago after her 895, with Megan, Naho, Wing Yee and Shevaun
Language Science Day 2012
Ragnar Relay, 2012
Ling major Morgan Moyer at Language Science Day 2012
Lawrence Chen
The Hacq Attacq! Semantic Valueball, 2012
Former Baggetts in at CogSci 2012 in Japan: Gagliardi, Wellwood, Kleinschmidt and Bennett
Annie Gagliardi, working a frog
Annie Gagliardi and Emma Nguyen, working the puppets
Megan Sutton and Kate Harrigan, creating stimuli
Megan Sutton, working puppets
Tori Peck, presenting her honors thesis
Mike Fetters, presenting his honors thesis
Jeff Lidz at the presentation of 2012 Honors papers
Megan Sutton, after Alexis Wellwood's 895 defense
Jeff Lidz hoods Annie Gagliardi
Some graduating majors of 2012
Annie Gagliardi, waiting to graduate
Snapshots of Graduation 2012
Tara Mease managing the Infant Lab
Annie Gagliardi presenting her PhD
Annie Gagliardi's Phd cake, with distracting cues
Mike Fetters, Norbert Hornstein, Megan Sutton, Tori Peck and Tara Mease at a PhD defense
Annie Gagliardi defending her dissertation
Paul Pietroski, at Annie Gagliardi's PhD defense
Angela He and Annie Gagliardi, with Alex Clark, at Mayfest 2012
Ewan Dunbar and Aaron White at Mayfest 2012
Lidz et al. at Mayfest 2012
Julie Gerard and Erin Bennett Fear the Turtle
Shevaun Lewis with Lyn Tieu on Maryland Day 2012
Annie Gagliardi, Colin Phillips, Chris Vogel, and Rachel Dudley after Azalea Classic 5K run, 2012
Yakov Kronrod, David Miele, Jeff Lidz, Tess Wood, and Annie Gagliardi after Azalea Classic 5K run
Sam Blitzstein and Mike Fetters
Jeff Lidz in the main office
Bill Idsardi with Jeff Lidz
Noam Chomsky meeting our undergrads
Linguisitcs undergrads meet with Noam Chomsky
Aaron Steven White
Annie Gagliardi
Award ceremony after the Ragnar Relay, 2011
Ragnar award ceremony, 2011
Ragnar finish line, 2011
Jeff Lidz at work
Shevaun Lewis after her 895 defense: Where will she look for the cake?
Shevaun finds Swiper at her 895 defense
Brad Larson and Shevaun Lewis, after Shevaun's 895 defense
Jeff Lidz, Valentine Hacquard and Annie Gagliardi
Tonia Bleam and Tara Mease at graduation, 2009
Tara Mease and Megan Sutton in the Acquisition Lab
Kate Harrigan preparing for Mayfest
Hyper-active gap filling

Akira Omaki, Ellen Lau, Imogen Davidson White, Myles Dakan, Aaron Apple, Colin Phillips