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Laurel takes the cake, upon leaving for her postdoc, from Aura
Laurel Perkins with her PhD committee
Laurel Perkins, acquiring wh-movement via knowledge of transitivity (in cake form)
Laurel Perkins, enjoying her PhD defense
Nick Huang, deciding which cake is porous to extraction
Class of 2019
Laurel Perkins, ready to graduate
Laurel, Dan, Tyler, Mina, Jeff, Rodrigo and Christian
Jeff Lidz after Tyler Knowlton's 888 defense
Third Man research crew at ICIS, 2018: Laurel, Mina and Tyler
Undergrad major Abby Kameny presents her work on syntactic bootstrapping in learning verb meanings
Laurel Perkins cutting her 895 cakes, Naomi Feldman joining by Skype
895 cakes for Laurel Perkins
Laurel Perkins, blowing the minds of her 895 committee
Kasia Hitczenko at her 895 defense, with classmates Nick, Laurel and Gesoel
Tyler Knowlton and Laurel Perkins explain language acquisition
Laurel Perkins and Tyler Knowlton prepare Rachel Dudley's recipe for factivity
Mina, Anouk, Tyler, Laurel & Sigwan at SALT27
Celebrating the Third Man NSF grant
Jeff, Alexander Tara, Mina and Laurel
Third Man Sacher Torte
Laurel Perkins and Kasia Hitczenko
Laurel Perkins at GALANA
Laurel Perkins, with Andrea Zukowski, at GALANA