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Megan Sutton's PhD committee
Principle C compliant cake for Megan Sutton's PhD
*Principle C(ake) for Megan Sutton's PhD
Megan Sutton and Mike Fetters with Jean Berko Gleason, after being awarded Best Abstract at BUCLD38
Megan Sutton teaching Maryland about Language Science
Megan Sutton at the Language Science tent on Maryland Day
Megan Sutton and Shevaun Lewis at Maryland Day
Megan Sutton, happy after passing her 895
Binding Theory cake in celebration of Megan Sutton's 895
Megan Sutton defending her 895
Sol Lago after her 895, with Megan, Naho, Wing Yee and Shevaun
Megan Sutton and Kate Harrigan, creating stimuli
Megan Sutton, working puppets
Megan Sutton, after Alexis Wellwood's 895 defense
Mike Fetters, Norbert Hornstein, Megan Sutton, Tori Peck and Tara Mease at a PhD defense
Norbert Hornstein and Megan Sutton at Language Science Day
Tara Mease and Megan Sutton in the Acquisition Lab
Jeff Lidz meeting with Megan Sutton