Anouk Dieuleveut, defending her 888
Tyler delivers Anouk her 888 cake
Annemarie, Mina, Valentine, Rachel, Anouk and Tyler on Martha's Vineyard
Buzz buzz buzz, go Anissa and Annemarie
Maryland at the 8th MACSIM
Annemarie, figuring out how to acquire the flavors of modality (cake)
Annemarie van Dooren, with co-advisor Masha Polinsky, cutting a modal cake of unknown flavor
Annemarie van Dooren, with her 895 committee
Acquiring a modal (cake) of unknown flavor
Undergrad major Joon Lee presents his work on the distribution of modal verbs in speech to children
Anouk and Annemarie working on modality
Valentine with Mod Squadders Annemarie van Dooren, Ailis Cournane and Maxime Tulling