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Laurel takes the cake, upon leaving for her postdoc, from Aura
Phoebe Gaston, Jackie Nelligan and Hanna Muller, en plein air
Valentine and Ellen, in uniform
Valentine and Ellen, celebrating their promotions
Ellen Lau, immediately after getting tenured, with Masa Nakamura
April Lidz explains the Stroop Effect at local elementary school STEM night
N400 responses to the object of Mandarin "bite broken", in cake form
Chia-Hsuan Liao after defending her 888, with advisor Ellen Lau
Baggett Fellow Aura Cruz Heredia
LSD with Baggetts: Anissa, Lalitha & Aura
Ellen Lau at the 2018 Language Science Day
Raised caketivation for "plant" and "platypus" at Phoebe Gaston's 888
Phoebe Gaston defending her 888
Phoebe Gaston at her 888 defense
Allyson Ettinger with her PhD committee
PhD class of 2018: Anton, Lara, Allyson and Jeff
Undergraduate Class of 2018
This could be you!
Howard Lasnik, laughing with Ellen Lau
Formerly Spartan Terps: MSU alums Adam Liter, Ellen Lau, Chris Heffner and Mina Hirzel
Shota Momma, cutting where he sees no division
Naomi's first asado with Ellen's new baby
Zoe Schlueter listening to Mike Fetters
Chris Heffner, explaining the brain at the AAAS Family Science Days
Visiting AP Psychology students from Northwood High School
Anton, Lara and Chris at the AAAS Family Science Days
Ellen Lau, Tim McKinnon and Peggy Antonisse
Emily Darley, visiting from U. Bristol School of Experimental Psychology
Dave Baggett, getting to know the Baggett Fellows
Zoe Schlueter with Ellen Lau and Colin Phillips
Zoe Schlueter with her 895 committee
Zoe Schlueter, successfully defending her 895
Sigrídur Björndóttir and William Matchin
Sol Lago, laughing with Ellen and Alexander, after her PhD defense
Sol Lago after her PhD defense, with Ellen and Alexander
Ellen and Alexander, after Sol Lago's defense
Colin serving biscotti at the Holiday Debate 2013
Andrea Zukowski and Colin Phillips
Colin Phillips, new director of the Language Science Center
Brad Larson awaits Ellen Lau's dig, Semantic Valueball 2013
Wing Yee Chow and Shevaun Lewis
Dave Kush, Wing Yee Chow, Shevaun Lewis and Ewan Dunbar, June 2013
Wing Yee Chow at her PhD defense with Colin Phillips and Ellen Lau
Students BA N400 PhD cake make for Wing Yee Chow
Ellen Lau congratulates Dave Kush on his PhD
Wing Yee Chow and Shannon Barrios at Mayfest 2013 with Frank Keller
Y.T. Huang, Y.F. Shah, A. Williams, A. Wellwood, E. Lau, and A. Omaki at Mayfest 2013
Colin Phillips at Mayfest 2013
Wing Yee Chow and Ellen Lau at Mayfest 2013
Some graduating majors of 2013
Graduating undergraduates, 2013
Jeff Lidz with Phil Rubin, President Obama's Principal Assistant Director for Science
Chris Heffner at the Language Science tent on Maryland Day
Ellen Lau, speaking at Winter Storm 2013
Dave Baggett, with the Baggett and CASL-UMD Summer Scholars of 2012
University Trustee Dave Baggett, with Colin Phillips
Language Science Day 2012
Lawrence Chen
Lidz et al. at Mayfest 2012
Daniel Younathan with near-infrared spectroscopy cap
Brain pudding on Maryland Day 2012
MEG tour on Maryland Day 2012
Award ceremony after the Ragnar Relay, 2011
Ragnar award ceremony, 2011
Ragnar finish line, 2011
So-One Hwang at her PhD defense
Ariane Rhone's McGurk PhD cake
Ariane Rhone, So-One Hwang and David Poeppel
Colin Phillips, sub specie universitatis
Josh Riley-Graham defending his PhD
Ellen Lau at Pedro Alcocer's 895 defense
Pedro Alcocer defending his 895
Valentine Hacquard and Ellen Lau enjoying cake after Alex Drummond's PhD defense
Norbert Hornstein at Pedro Alcocer's 895 defense
Ellen Lau and Colin Phillips
Student recording MEG auditory response
MEG manager setting up participant
Shannon Barrios with EEG subject
Eri Takahashi and Ellen Lau after Eri's defense
UMD student modeling EEG cap