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Aaron Doliana, with his 888 committee
Norbert, eating a muffin sprung from his own shirt
Max Papillon with his 895 committee
Norbert and Juan
Aaron Doliana with Norbert Hornstein
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Carolina Petersen with Norbert Hornstein, after her PhD defense
Norbert Hornstein, Phoebe Gaston and Max Papillon
Recursion makes the man
Omer Preminger and Norbert Hornstein
Dongwoo Park with his 895 committee
Omer, Norbert and his reflection
Norbert Hornstein, blending in
Valentine Hacquard presents Team Kratzer with the NASSLLI Valueball trophy
Winners of the 2014 Semantic Valueball Beaver Cup!
Norbert Hornstein on day one of the Maryland NASSLLI
Dan Parker with his PhD committee
Norbert putting the ball in the other guy's court
Peggy, Norbert, Al Braun, Ellen, Valentine and Andrea at Commencement 2014
Commencement 2014: Semantic Valueballers
Norbert Hornstein, Commencement 2014
Norbert and Howard congratulate Kenshi Funakoshi at his PhD defense
Norbert and Paul at Kenshi Funakoshi's PhD defense
A minimalist theory of construal
Alexis Wellwood conferring with Norbert Hornstein
Mike Fetters, Norbert Hornstein, Megan Sutton, Tori Peck and Tara Mease at a PhD defense
Norbert Hornstein at the Syntax Lab Meeting
Norbert Hornstein and Shevaun Lewis
Norbert Hornstein and Howard Lasnik congratulate Michaƫl Gagnon
Alexander Williams and Norbert Hornstein
Norbert Hornstein at Pedro Alcocer's 895 defense
Norbert Hornstein toasts Alex Drummond's PhD
Norbert Hornstein and Megan Sutton at Language Science Day
Graduation at UMD: Jeff Lidz, Colin Phillips, Juan Uriagereka and Norbert Hornstein
Norbert Hornstein in his office
On Recursion

Jeffrey Watumull, Marc D. Hauser, Ian G. Roberts, Norbert Hornstein