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Omer & Alexander, Pfride & Lfrejudice
Sigwan Thivierge with advisors, Masha and Omer
Rodrigo Ranero with his 888 committee
Max Papillon with his 895 committee
Suyoung Bae with her 895 committee
Paulina Lyskawa with her 888 committee
Valentine Hacquard and Omer Preminger
Omer in his environment
Omer Preminger, Guatemala Field Station 2017
Omer Preminger and Howard Lasnik
Omer Preminger, asking a question at GALANA
Alexander and Omer, steadfast at GALANA
Omer Preminger and Norbert Hornstein
Dongwoo Park with his 895 committee
Omer, Norbert and his reflection