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Annemarie, Mina, Valentine, Rachel, Anouk and Tyler on Martha's Vineyard
PhDs and advisors at Commencement 2018
Rachel Dudley with her advisors, at Commencement 2018
Rachel Dudley with undergrad RA Rebecca Magazin
Zach Stone, Rachel Dudley and Jeff Green, commencing in 2018
Laurel Perkins and Tyler Knowlton prepare Rachel Dudley's recipe for factivity
Acquisition of know cake
The ingredients of Rachel Dudley's dissertation
Dr. Rachel Dudley, with Jeff, Alexander and Valentine
Baggetts at SALT27: Hanna, Nancy, Chris, Alexis, Rachel, Mina, Morgan & Aaron
Three Baggett Amigos at the 2017 LSA: Chris Baron, Rachel Dudley and Alexis Wellwood
Celebrating the Third Man NSF grant
Third Man Sacher Torte
Julie Gerard, congratulated by Rachel Dudley for her PhD
Dave Baggett, with Chris Baron, Rachel Dudley, Courtney Cooper, Anna Ball and Mina Hirzel
Kate Harrigan presents Rachel Dudley with a choice of two cakes
Rachel Dudley defending her 895
Lambchop lollies for Rachel Dudley's 895
Rachel Dudley with Grace Hynes, RA and linguistics major
Rachel Dudley's red blue-box 895 cake
Rachel Dudley with her advisors
Rachel Dudley, Mellow Yellow
Rachel Dudley and Colin Phillips at GALANA
Rachel Dudley with Aaron White at GALANA
Rachel Dudley, cutting Dongwoo Park's 895 cake
Rachel Dudley gives Norbert a hand as Coach Kratzer watches, at NASSLLI Semantic Valueball
Jeff, Rachel and Norbert on Team Kratzer at NASSLLI Semantic Valueball
Valentine Hacquard presents Team Kratzer with the NASSLLI Valueball trophy
Winners of the 2014 Semantic Valueball Beaver Cup!
Rachel Dudley passing visiting logicians, Lutz Schroeder and Larry Moss, at the Maryland NASSLLI
Rachel Dudley at the Maryland NASSLLI
Team play: Rachel Dudley, Valentine Hacquard and Alexander Williams on the Semantic Valueball court
Rachel Dudley, planning the 6th NASSLLI
Rachel Dudley with Anton Malko, on the semantic valueball courts
Valentine Hacquard serving the semantic valueball to visiting speaker Florian Jaeger
Our semantic valueball coaches
PHLING at Ben's Chili Bowl: Alexander, Rachel, Alexis, Chris and Valentine
Linguists and philosophers at PHLINT1, 2013
Annie Gagliardi, Colin Phillips, Chris Vogel, and Rachel Dudley after Azalea Classic 5K run, 2012
Shota Momma and Rachel Dudley