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Commencement 2014: Semantic Valueballers
Brad and Shevaun at Commencement, 2014
Shevaun Lewis and Brad Larson: Commencement Valueball 2014
2014 Azalea Classic 5K run: Andrea, Valentine, Alexander, Tom and Shevaun
Shevaun Lewis and Brad Larson: Alumni running in Ragnar 2013
Brad Larson, with Shevaun Lewis and Tess Wood, at the Ragnar Relay 2013
The Ragnar Relay runners, 2013
Shevaun Lewis after her PhD defense, with Wing Yee Chow
Wing Yee Chow thought Shevaun Lewis might like some cakes to celebrate her PhD defense
Shevaun Lewis, receiving a photo collage of her years at UMD
Wing Yee Chow and Shevaun Lewis
Dave Kush, Wing Yee Chow, Shevaun Lewis and Ewan Dunbar, June 2013
Shevaun Lewis celebrating Dave Kush's PhD defense
Megan Sutton and Shevaun Lewis at Maryland Day
Sol Lago after her 895, with Megan, Naho, Wing Yee and Shevaun
Ragnar Relay, 2012
MEG tour on Maryland Day 2012
Shevaun Lewis with Lyn Tieu on Maryland Day 2012
Poster session at the Second MACSIM
Norbert Hornstein and Shevaun Lewis
Award ceremony after the Ragnar Relay, 2011
Shevaun Lewis after her 895 defense: Where will she look for the cake?
Shevaun finds Swiper at her 895 defense
Brad Larson and Shevaun Lewis, after Shevaun's 895 defense
Alexis Wellwood and Shevaun Lewis