Laurel, Laurel, Polina, Paulina, Masha and Maša
Undergraduate major Jiabao Zhou, presenting work on Islands in child language
"Süßwarenbau eines Mannes in zwei Teilen" (portrait of A. Doliana by V. Hacquard)
Omer & Alexander, Pfride & Lfrejudice
Justin Malčić, blending in
Polina and Paulina, at the new student lunch
Laurel Perkins with her PhD committee
Laurel Perkins, acquiring wh-movement via knowledge of transitivity (in cake form)
Laurel Perkins, enjoying her PhD defense
Nick Huang, defending his PhD thesis
Howard Lasnik congratulating Nick Huang
Extraction from a porous relative clause cake
Nick Huang with his PhD committee
Nick Huang, deciding which cake is porous to extraction
Class of 2019
Q-stranding of blackberries in wh-muffins, for Aaron Doliana
Aaron Doliana, with his 888 committee
Norbert, eating a muffin sprung from his own shirt
Aaron Doliana, defending his 888
Buzz buzz buzz, go Anissa and Annemarie
Sigwan with Alexander, after her 888
Sigwan Thivierge with advisors, Masha and Omer
Rodrigo Ranero at his 888 defense
Rodrigo Ranero with his 888 committee
One cake is nondistinct from the other, but I don't know which
Adam Liter talking about medial WH-words in child production
Aaron and Tyler, learning of Michigan's "walking tacos"
Baggett Fellows Anissa Zaitsu and Alexis Wellwood
Annemarie, figuring out how to acquire the flavors of modality (cake)
Annemarie van Dooren, with co-advisor Masha Polinsky, cutting a modal cake of unknown flavor
Annemarie van Dooren, with her 895 committee
Acquiring a modal (cake) of unknown flavor
Laurel Perkins, ready to graduate
Suyoung Bae with her 895 committee
five-ACC witches-GEN on a cake with five-INST witches-INST
Paulina Lyskawa with her 888 committee
Aaron Doliana and Juan Uriagereka
Juan Uriagereka celebrating a book of essays in his honor
Norbert and Juan
Laurel, Dan, Tyler, Mina, Jeff, Rodrigo and Christian
Undergraduate major Mariam Aiyad
Paulina Lyskawa, accepting her LSC Service Award with Masha Polinsky
Craig Thorburn
LSD with Baggetts: Anissa, Lalitha & Aura
Rodrigo Ranero, reading up on LSD
Jeff Lidz, with Alexander agreeing
Aaron, Rodrigo and Tyler, not at the office
Worth 1003 words
Valentine Hacquard and Omer Preminger
Sigwan Thivierge returns from teaching in Tbilisi
Sigwan Thivierge teaching syntax in Tbilisi
Aaron Doliana with Norbert Hornstein
Third Man research crew at ICIS, 2018: Laurel, Mina and Tyler
PhD class of 2018: Anton, Lara, Allyson and Jeff
Rodrigo Ranero with Tz'utujiil consultant Doña Rosaria
Paulina Lyskawa with Tz'utujiil consultant Doña Rosaria
"Stroop! (There it is)" by Tag Team (Hanna & Jackie)
InternalMerge( NorbertHornstein , HannaMuller )
Rodrigo Ranero and Masha Polinsky in Guatemala
Undergraduate Class of 2018
Jeff Green, Class of 2018, with Alexander Williams
PhDs and advisors at Commencement 2018
Zach Stone with Juan Uriagereka, Commencement 2018
This could be you!
Jeff and Holly Green at Commencement, 2018
Jeff Lidz at Commencement, 2018
Zach Stone, Rachel Dudley and Jeff Green, commencing in 2018
Jeff Green's son, August, choosing between two potential antecedents for PRO (cake)
Jeff (and August) Green, retrieving an antecedent for PRO (cake)
Jeff Green, newly Dr'ed, with Ellen and Alexander
Undergrad major Abby Kameny presents her work on syntactic bootstrapping in learning verb meanings
Dissertation season 2018: Zach, Anton, Allyson
Howard Lasnik at Zach Stone's dissertation defense
Howard Lasnik, laughing with Ellen Lau
Adam Liter
Zach Stone, upon acceptance of his dissertation
Alumnus Tim Hunter at Zach Stone's dissertation defense
Paul Pietroski at Zach Stone's dissertation defense
Omer in his environment
Anton and Sigwan
Rodrigo Ranero and Anouk Dieuleveut
Sigwan Thivierge and Rodrigo Ranero
The Aaron Doliana habitat
Rodrigo, Paulina and Ted with Doña Rosaria, Tz'utujiil consultant in Patzún Guatemala
895 cakes for Laurel Perkins
Laurel Perkins, blowing the minds of her 895 committee
Gesoel Mendes at Language Science Day 2017
S.M.A.A.R.T. at the 7th MACSIM
Yu'an and Gesoel, Language Science Day 2017
Nancy and Michaela in Tblisi, running experiments
Paulina Lyskawa at the Guatemala Field Station, 2017
Nancy Clarke and Michaela Socolof, Guatemala Field Station 2017
Omer Preminger, Guatemala Field Station 2017
Ted Levin and Rodrigo Ranero, Guatemala Field Station 2017
Ted Levin and Paulina Lyskawa roasting marshmallows on lava stones, Guatemala Field Station 2017
Paulina, Anouk, Michaela, Rodrigo, Nancy, Ted and others at Kaqchikel summer school 2017
Anouk Dieuleveut at the field station in Guatemala, with McGill student Justin Royer
Agreement attraction lures on Anton Malko's 895 cake
Sigwan Thievierge and Aaron Doliana, taking a break
Baggetts at SALT27: Hanna, Nancy, Chris, Alexis, Rachel, Mina, Morgan & Aaron
Mina, Anouk, Tyler, Laurel & Sigwan at SALT27
Aaron, Tyler and Rodgrio, the blue-sweater boys of 2021
Implicit Control into a cake, at Jeff Green's 895 defense
Experiencer cupcakes intervening at Carolina Petersen's PhD defense
A motley lot of experiencers at Carolina Petersen's PhD defense
Carolina Petersen with Norbert Hornstein, after her PhD defense
Carolina Petersen, defending her PhD to Jairo Nunes
Julie Gerard, congratulated by Rachel Dudley for her PhD
Julie Gerard, smiling after defending her dissertation
Mike Fetters defending his 895
Paulina Lyskawa at the LSC
Anton, Lara and Chris at the AAAS Family Science Days
Jeff and Howard at Mike Fetters's 895 defense
Mike Fetters and Ted Levin at WCCFL, 2016
Bleuité, vertité, sororité! - 1401'ers, Valentine and Tonia
Post-doc Ted Levin at Winter Storm happy hour
The most duoest: Jeff Lidz and Paul Pietroski
Omer Preminger and Howard Lasnik
Dave Baggett, getting to know the Baggett Fellows
Recursion makes the man
Tonia, Jeff and Alexander after the 2015 Azalea Classic 5K
Nick Huang and Gesoel Mendes at GALANA
Mike Fetters and Dustin Chacón
Omer Preminger, asking a question at GALANA
Alexander and Omer, steadfast at GALANA
Omer Preminger and Norbert Hornstein
Sayaka Goto dokes a Penguin tiramisu at Angela He's PhD defense
Julie Gerard's 895 cakes
Dongwoo Park's 895 cake
Rachel Dudley, cutting Dongwoo Park's 895 cake
Dongwoo Park with his 895 committee
Valentine Hacquard calls Terp TD
Allyson Ettinger, with Anton Malko
Hunting for sandwiches: Chris Hammerly, Anton Malko, Yi-Ting Huang, Dustin Chacón and Alix Kowalski
Sigrídur Björndóttir and William Matchin
Omer, Norbert and his reflection
Chris Laterza, defending his PhD
The layers Chris Laterza's PhdD cake are all on top of each other
Norbert Hornstein, blending in
Winners of the 2014 Semantic Valueball Beaver Cup!
Norbert Hornstein on day one of the Maryland NASSLLI
Featural lures after Dan Parker's PhD defense
Dan Parker fields questions about his dissertation
Tim Hunter at the Maryland NASSLLI
Dan Parker looking forward to the future, after his PhD defense
Dan Parker with his PhD committee
Jeff Lidz congratulates Dr. Dan Parker with a Skyped handshake
Lucas Champollion, at the Maryland NASSLLI, b/w PHLINGER Mike McCourt
Ellen and Alexander, after Sol Lago's defense
Alexander spiking the semantic valueball
Norbert putting the ball in the other guy's court
Alexander Williams, 2014 Commencement Speaker
Sayaka Goto's killer serve
Commencement 2014: Semantic Valueballers
Brad and Shevaun at Commencement, 2014
Norbert Hornstein, Commencement 2014
Shevaun Lewis and Brad Larson: Commencement Valueball 2014
Headless XP ellipsis torte at Kenshi Funakoshi's PhD defense
Norbert and Howard congratulate Kenshi Funakoshi at his PhD defense
Kenshi Funakoshi, defending his dissertation
Norbert and Paul at Kenshi Funakoshi's PhD defense
Tom Grano, with Sue Dwyer
Jeff Green, returning the semantic valueball to Coach V. Hacquard
Ling major Kari Grimplin accepting a scholarship from Dean Thornton Dill
Senior Scholar Sara McVeigh with advisor Peggy Antonisse
Dean Thornton Dill awarding Senior Scholar Sara McVeigh
*Dan Parker with Naho Orita's caricature of himself
Anton Malko, Ilia Kurenkov and Anna Chrabaszcz at the 'Russian Feast' Lunch Talk
Lara Ehrenhofer with Allyson Ettinger, Language Science Day 2013
Post-doc Tom Grano at the 2013 Ragnar Relay
Carolina Petersen with her 895 committee
Shevaun Lewis and Brad Larson: Alumni running in Ragnar 2013
Brad Larson, with Shevaun Lewis and Tess Wood, at the Ragnar Relay 2013
Juan Uriagereka, with David Lightfoot
Provost Uriagereka, Director Phillips, and Dean Thornton Dill, opening the Language Science Center
Dan Parker with Michael Israel
Juan Uriagereka with David Lightfoot, Alumni Hall of Fame
Jeff Green and Alexander Williams, with Zach Stone and Alexis Wellwood, Language Science Day 2013
Anton Malko with Anna Chrabaszcz on Language Science Day 2013
Alexander Williams congratulating Alexis Wellwood on winning the College Service Award
Sayaka Goto with Naho Orita, after Sayaka's 895 defense
Sayaka Goto's scrambled banana 895 cakes
Brad Larson awaits Ellen Lau's dig, Semantic Valueball 2013
Tonia Bleam, undergraduate advisor
Brad Larson, ready to defend his dissertation
?*What kind of pie and when will Brad Larson eat for his PhD
Brad Larson's "What and When" PhD cake
Howard Lasnik, with Jeff Lidz and Norbert Hornstein
Brad Larson earning his PhD with Howard Lasnik
Naomi Feldman and Sayaka Funakoshi
The Pronominals: Alex Drummond and Dave Kush
Shevaun Lewis celebrating Dave Kush's PhD defense
Dave Kush and Colin Phillips, his advisor
Ellen Lau congratulates Dave Kush on his PhD
Jeff Lidz congratulating Dave Kush on his PhD defense
Y.T. Huang, Y.F. Shah, A. Williams, A. Wellwood, E. Lau, and A. Omaki at Mayfest 2013
Peggy Antonisse, at the 2013 graduation
Some graduating majors of 2013
Undergraduate graduation, 2013
Graduating undergraduates, 2013
A minimalist theory of construal
Jeff Lidz with Phil Rubin, President Obama's Principal Assistant Director for Science
Zoe Schlueter with Morgan Moyer
Megan Sutton defending her 895
Zoe Schlueter and Peter Enns, after Yakov Kronrod's 895 defense
Trustee Dave Baggett with Infant Lab high school intern Susan Ojo
Dave Baggett, with the Baggett and CASL-UMD Summer Scholars of 2012
CASL-UMD Summer Intern Ilanna Newman presenting her research
University Trustee Dave Baggett, with Colin Phillips
CASL-UMD and Baggett Summer Scholars, Emma Nguyen, Ilanna Newman, Sandy Wan and Morgan Moyer
Baggett Summer Scholar Emma Nguyen, presenting her research
Undergrad majors Sara McVeigh and Emma Nguyen
Dave Baggett, with Baggett Summer Scholars Emma Nguyen and Sany Wan
Language Science Day 2012
Tom Grano at the 2012 Ragnar Relay
Ragnar Relay, 2012
Yakov Kronrod, Brad Larson and Dan Parker after Ragnar
Alexis Wellwood conferring with Norbert Hornstein
The Hacq Attacq! Semantic Valueball, 2012
Paul Pietroski and Howard Lasnik
Tori Peck, presenting her honors thesis
Mike Fetters, presenting his honors thesis
Jeff Lidz at the presentation of 2012 Honors papers
Some graduating majors of 2012
Snapshots of Graduation 2012
Paul Pietroski, at Annie Gagliardi's PhD defense
Lidz et al. at Mayfest 2012
Alexander Williams on the green armchair
Alexander Williams on the sofa
Dustin Chacon with Ilina Stojanovska on Maryland Day
Norbert Hornstein at the Syntax Lab Meeting
Sam Blitzstein and Mike Fetters
Terje Lohndal after his PhD defense
Jeff Lidz in the main office
Terje Lohndal answering Barry Schein
Terje Lohndal defending his dissertation
Terje Lohndal's PhD cake
Terje Lohndal and Howard Lasnik
Noam Chomsky meeting our undergrads
Linguisitcs undergrads meet with Noam Chomsky
Norbert Hornstein and Howard Lasnik congratulate Michaël Gagnon
Alexander Williams and Norbert Hornstein
Michaël Gagnon defending his 895
Brad Larson and Shevaun Lewis, after Shevaun's 895 defense
Colin Phillips, sub specie universitatis
Norbert Hornstein at Pedro Alcocer's 895 defense
Norbert Hornstein toasts Alex Drummond's PhD
Dave Kush congratulates Alex Drummond on his PhD defense
Alex Drummond's "Move over Merge" PhD pudding
Tonia Bleam
Howard Lasnik
Pedro Alcocer and Brad Larson at Dave Kush's 895 defense
Norbert Hornstein and Megan Sutton at Language Science Day
Masaya Yoshida's islands cake
Projection of Target
Jim reading Chomsky to Kermit
It's not easy being colorless and green
Graduation at UMD: Jeff Lidz, Colin Phillips, Juan Uriagereka and Norbert Hornstein
Eri Takahashi and Ellen Lau after Eri's defense
Dave Kush and Pedro Alcocer presenting at High School Outreach Day
Dave Kush and Brian Dillon
Brian Dillon defending
Colin Phillips congratulating Brian Dillon after his dissertation defense
Celebrating after Brian Dillon's dissertation defense
Brad Larson's 895 cake
Norbert Hornstein in his office
Hyper-active gap filling

Akira Omaki, Ellen Lau, Imogen Davidson White, Myles Dakan, Aaron Apple, Colin Phillips

On Recursion

Jeffrey Watumull, Marc D. Hauser, Ian G. Roberts, Norbert Hornstein