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Undergraduate major Jiabao Zhou, presenting work on Islands in child language
Undergraduate major Mariam Aiyad
Undergraduate majors: Lili, William and Mariam
Undergraduate Class of 2018
This could be you!
Rachel Dudley with undergrad RA Rebecca Magazin
Undergrad major Mac Lauchman presents her work in the Acquisition Lab on event perception in infants
Undergrad major Abby Kameny presents her work on syntactic bootstrapping in learning verb meanings
Undergrad major Joon Lee presents his work on the distribution of modal verbs in speech to children
Hanna "Van Orman" Balick, Class of 2017
High school intern Elia Martin in the acquisition lab
Bleuité, vertité, sororité! - 1401'ers, Valentine and Tonia
Dave Baggett, getting to know the Baggett Fellows
Dave Baggett, with Chris Baron, Rachel Dudley, Courtney Cooper, Anna Ball and Mina Hirzel
Ling major Neomi Rao presenting her work as a CASL Summer Fellow
Rachel Dudley with Grace Hynes, RA and linguistics major
Undergrad majors, Tim and Gracie, at GALANA
Morgan Moyer and Julie Gerard, at the NASSLLI Valueball tournament
Morgan Moyer taking a rare break at the Maryland NASSLLI
Graduating seniors, 2014
Commencement 2014: Semantic Valueballers
Graduating seniors, Morgan Moyer and Anne Ramirez
Senior Morgan Moyer, presenting her Honors Thesis
Morgan Moyer with advisor, Valentine Hacquard
The Attitudes Group at Morgan Moyer's Honors Presentation
Ling major Kari Grimplin accepting a scholarship from Dean Thornton Dill
Senior Scholar Sara McVeigh with advisor Peggy Antonisse
Dean Thornton Dill awarding Senior Scholar Sara McVeigh
Aaron Steven White prepares to mount his 895 defense
Undergrad Morgan Moyer ties celebratory bowtie on new PhD candidate Aaron Steven White
Tonia Bleam, undergraduate advisor
Peggy Antonisse, at the 2013 graduation
Graduating undergraduates, 2013
Undergrad major Emma Nguyen preparing an experiment
Trustee Dave Baggett with Infant Lab high school intern Susan Ojo
Dave Baggett, with the Baggett and CASL-UMD Summer Scholars of 2012
CASL-UMD Summer Intern Ilanna Newman presenting her research
Baggett Summer Scholar Anna Bonnet presenting her research
University Trustee Dave Baggett, with Colin Phillips
CASL-UMD and Baggett Summer Scholars, Emma Nguyen, Ilanna Newman, Sandy Wan and Morgan Moyer
Baggett Summer Scholar Emma Nguyen, presenting her research
Undergrad majors Sara McVeigh and Emma Nguyen
Dave Baggett, with Baggett Summer Scholars Emma Nguyen and Sany Wan
Majors and CASL Summer Interns Ilanna Newman and Morgan Moyer, after presenting their research
Ling major Morgan Moyer at Language Science Day 2012
Annie Gagliardi and Emma Nguyen, working the puppets
Tori Peck, presenting her honors thesis
Mike Fetters, presenting his honors thesis
Jeff Lidz at the presentation of 2012 Honors papers
Some graduating majors of 2012
Tara Mease managing the Infant Lab
Sam Blitzstein and Mike Fetters
Noam Chomsky meeting our undergrads
Tonia Bleam and Tara Mease at graduation, 2009
Tara Mease and Megan Sutton in the Acquisition Lab