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Anouk Dieuleveut with her 888 committee
Annemarie, Mina, Valentine, Rachel, Anouk and Tyler on Martha's Vineyard
Nick Huang with his PhD committee
Valentine and Ellen, in uniform
Valentine and Ellen, celebrating their promotions
Annemarie van Dooren, with her 895 committee
Valentine Hacquard and Omer Preminger
PhDs and advisors at Commencement 2018
Rachel Dudley with her advisors, at Commencement 2018
Undergrad major Joon Lee presents his work on the distribution of modal verbs in speech to children
Valentine Hacquard, après science
Valentine Hacquard at Angelika Kratzer's retirement party
Valentine with Mod Squadders Annemarie van Dooren, Ailis Cournane and Maxime Tulling
The ingredients of Rachel Dudley's dissertation
Dr. Rachel Dudley, with Jeff, Alexander and Valentine
Bleuité, vertité, sororité! - 1401'ers, Valentine and Tonia
Valentine Hacquard and Paul Pietroski
Kate Harrigan with her PhD committee
Angela He with her PhD committee
Valentine Hacquard calls Terp TD
PHLINGer Chris Vogel with his PhD committee: Hacquard, Gross, Williams, Eaker, Frisch and Pietroski
Hacquard with Icard at the Maryland NASSLLI
PHLINGer Quinn Harr, with Valentine Hacquard, at the 6th NASSLLI
Valentine Hacquard with Angelika Kratzer at the NASSLLI banquet, 2014
Allyson Ettinger with Valentine Hacquard
Team play: Rachel Dudley, Valentine Hacquard and Alexander Williams on the Semantic Valueball court
Peggy, Norbert, Al Braun, Ellen, Valentine and Andrea at Commencement 2014
Morgan Moyer at graduation, with Valentine and Alexander
Commencement 2014: Semantic Valueballers
Alexis Wellwood's PhD committee: Pietroski, Schwarzschild, Israel, Hacquard and Williams
Alexis Wellwood after defending, with Valentine Hacquard
Morgan Moyer with advisor, Valentine Hacquard
The Attitudes Group at Morgan Moyer's Honors Presentation
2014 Azalea Classic 5K run: Andrea, Valentine, Alexander, Tom and Shevaun
Semantic Valueballers, April 2014
Jeff Green, returning the semantic valueball to Coach V. Hacquard
Valentine Hacquard serving the semantic valueball to visiting speaker Florian Jaeger
Our semantic valueball coaches
Valentine Hacquard with Erin Eaker at the PHLINC2 Banquet
PHLING at Ben's Chili Bowl: Alexander, Rachel, Alexis, Chris and Valentine
Angela He, with her 895 committee
Valentine Hacquard, with Kate Harrigan and Tara Mease, at the Baggett Summer Scholars presentation
The Hacq Attacq! Semantic Valueball, 2012
Alexis Wellwood and Valentine Hacquard
Poster session at the Second MACSIM
Valentine Hacquard teaching Conservativity
Valentine Hacquard teaching
Valentine Hacquard in seminar
Jeff Lidz, Valentine Hacquard and Annie Gagliardi
Valentine Hacquard and Ellen Lau enjoying cake after Alex Drummond's PhD defense
Valentine Hacquard and Alexander Williams at Language Science Day, 2010