Alex Drummond
1401 Marie Mount Hall
Univerity of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

I'm a fourth-year PhD student in the Linguistics department. My main interests are in syntax, particularly binding theory.

For my masters dissertation, I developed the Ibex software for running self-paced reading and speeded acceptability judgment tasks online. It already works reasonably well for these purposes. The code is currently being modularized and extended, and the latest 0.3 release is already quite a bit more flexible. Feel free to get in touch if you're interested in using the software, or adapting it for a different application. You can see an example experiment running here.

I now provide free hosting for Ibex experiments over at the Ibex Farm.


Single Output Syntax. Talk given at The Minimalist Program: Quo Vadis, Universität Potsdam, October 2011. Handout (pdf).

Reanalysis as Raising to Object. Draft of a paper co-authored with Dave Kush. (pdf).

The Ban on Rightward P-stranding is a Global Constraint. Draft snippet (pdf).

Merge over Move and Romance Obviation Effects. Talk given at the LSA, Jan 2011. Handout (pdf).

Reanalysis as Raising to Object. Talk given at the LSA, Jan 2011, with Dave Kush. Handout (pdf).

Constraining Sideward Movement. Poster presented at “The Language Design” conference, Montréal 2010 (pdf). (I'm currently preparing a paper which covers these issues in much more detail; please email me if you'd like to see a draft.)

“An Argument for the Existence of Null DPs.” Snippets 21 (draft pdf).

A Puzzle about P-Stranding and a Possible Solution. Squib co-authored with Norbert Hornstein and Howard Lasnik. Linguistic Inquiry 41:689-692. (pdf).

The Unity of Extraposition and the A/A' Distinction. Presented at CLS 2009. Handout (pdf); draft proceedings paper (pdf).

Minimalist Construal: Two Approaches to A and B. Article co-authored with Dave Kush and Norbert Hornstein. In The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism, C. Boeckx (ed.), OUP, 396-426. (pdf), references (pdf). (This early draft contains quite a few errors; I can supply a more recent PDF on request.)

Reconstruction and English PPs. Presentation at ECO5 2008. Handout (pdf)

The Case of “of” insertion. With Dave Kush. 2007. (rtf)


LING 419D (Reflexivity and Argument Structure) 08/30 - 12/13 2010.

LING 200 (Introduction to Linguistics) 07/12 - 08/20 2010.

LING 240 (Language and Mind) 01/05 - 01/22 2010.

LING 240 (Language and Mind) 06/01 - 07/12 2009. (Co-taught with Ilknur Oded.)