Anton Malko


1413H Marie Mount Hall

Department of Linguistics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


I am a fifth year PhD student in UMD Linguistics department. My advisor is Colin Phillips. Before coming to the US, I studied in Saint-Petersburg State University, where I received my BA in French and my MA in Linguistics.

My CV in pdf

Research interests

Psycholinguistics and syntax. I am interested in the interaction between memory and language.

Specifically, I am working on understanding grammaticality illusions: cases where people fail to recognize that a sentence is ungrammatical (a classical example would be not noticing the error in The key to the cabinets are rusty). I am trying to understand how such errors may be connected to the way human memory works (e.g. the way syntactic relations are encoded in memory and retrieved from there).

Currently I have two projects:

  1. Grammaticality illusions in anaphora resolution in English
  2. Gender agreement attraction in Russian