Bridget Samuels

Invited presentations

  1. Apr 2011: Swarthmore College, Dept. of Linguistics
    ”Animals & language”
  2. Feb 2011: California State University - Fullerton, Dept. of English, Comp Lit, & Linguistics
    ”Phonology: why & how?”
  3. Dec 2010: Université de Nice, Laboratoire Bases, Corpus et Langage
    ”Primitive operations in phonology”
  4. May 2010: University of Delaware, Phonology & Phonetics Lab
    ”Harmony: what’s possible action at a distance?”
  5. Apr 2010: Interface workshop, Syracuse
    T. Lohndal) ”I-phrases & PF crashes”
  6. Dec 2009: Yale Dept. of Linguistics
    "What can syntax do for phonology? A case study in Basque" -
  7. May 2009: UMD CNL Lab
    “Primitive operations in phonology” -
  8. May 2008: NAPhC 5, Montréal
    "Toppling the hierarchy in phonology"
  9. Mar 2008: Harvard Mind, Brain, & Behavior Initiative
    "PF in evolutionary perspective"
  10. Nov 2007: Concordia LSA Colloquium
    "Approaching syllables from below"
  11. Mar 2007: Harvard GSAS Workshop on Indo-European Linguistics
    "Focusing on topics in Anatolian syntax"
  12. Oct 2004: Harvard LinG / Harvard Celtic Club
    "Teanga eile: the return to Irish poetry"

Conference presentations

  1. May 2011: Parallel Domains Workshop, Los Angeles
    C. Boeckx) “How parallel domains like syntax & phonology intersect: unifying the cycle” - slides
  2. Dec 2010: On Linguistic Interfaces, Belfast
    T. Lohndal) ”The edges of the syntax-phonology interface”
  3. May 2010: The Language Design, Montréal
    ”Phonological forms: from ferrets to fingers” -
  4. May 2010: MFM 18, Manchester
    ”From syntax to phonology: phi & phases” -
  5. Feb 2010: 32nd Jahrestagung der DGfS, Berlin
    T. Lohndal) "Linearizing edges at the PF interface" [linearization workshop]
  6. Jan 2010: LSA Annual Meeting, Baltimore
    "Basque vowel assimilation: a direct interface approach" -
  7. Dec 2009: ConSOLE 18 Workshop, Barcelona
    H. Narita) “The H-α schema & phonological derivation by phase” - handout
  8. Dec 2009: ConSOLE 18 Workshop, Barcelona
    T. Lohndal) “The edges of the syntax-phonology interface” [alternate]
  9. July 2009: Curso de Verano en lenguaje, cerebro y genes, Jaca
    “Phonology: FLN or FLB?” -
    poster, references
  10. May 2009: MFM 17, Manchester
    “From strings to loops & back”
  11. Apr 2009: GLOW 32, Nantes
    “Loops, linearity, & the lexicon”
  12. Mar 2009: PLC 33, Philadelphia
    “Phonological derivation by phase: evidence from Basque” -
  13. Jan 2009: OCP 6, Edinburgh
    C. Boeckx) “What emerges from Merge in phonology?” - slides
  14. Jan 2009: LSA Annual Meeting, San Francisco
    “Searching for morphophonological anchors”
  15. Oct 2008: MSM 2, Istanbul
    (with B. Kamali) "All non-final stress suffixes in Turkish are not created equal"
  16. Sep 2008: TIE 3, Lisbon
    (with B. Kamali) “The syntax of Turkish pre-stressing suffixes” -
  17. Jul 2008: BALE 2008, York
    "The third factor in phonology" -
  18. Mar 2008: MOT Phonology Workshop, Montréal
    “Searching for morphophonological anchors”
  19. Jan 2008: CUNY Conference on the Syllable
    "A string theory of syllables"
  20. Oct 2007: NELS 38, Ottawa
    "Structure & specification in harmony" -
  21. Apr 2006: 4th Annual Harvard Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium
    "Problems in Attic phonology" -
  22. Apr 2005: 3rd Annual Harvard Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium
    "Phonological representation in Akkadian orthography" -
    handout, slides
  23. Jul 2004: International Conference on Globalization & World Englishes, Syracuse
    (with C. Maxwell) "Fighting for control of the written and spoken language of the digital age"
  24. May 2004: Concordia Linguistics Undergraduate Conference
    "Lifting the veil on perception"
  25. Apr 2004: 2nd Annual Harvard Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium
    "Can you do that with a cheetah? What they're not telling you about OT, and why you should care"
  26. Jan 2004: LSA Annual Meeting, Boston
    B. Vaux) "Explaining vowel systems: dispersion vs. evolution" - special long talk

Other presentations

  1. May 2010: University of Oslo, Seminar in Theoretical Linguistics
    T. Lohndal) “Linearizing empty edges”
  2. Oct 2009: UMD Syntax Lab
    "From syntax to phonology"
  3. Apr 2008: Harvard Linguistic Theory Group
    "Phonological derivation by phase"
  4. Oct 2007: MIT Phonology Circle
    "Structure & specification in harmony"
  5. Oct 2006: Harvard Linguistic Theory Group
    "Reduplication & verbal morphology in Tagalog" -
  6. May 2006: Harvard Linguistics Department Honors Thesis Colloquium
    "Nothing to lose but their chains: rethinking vocalic chain shifting"
  7. Nov 2005: Harvard LinG Speaker Series
    "Bronze Age Minimalism: revisiting the clausal structure of Lycian"
  8. Apr 2004: Harvard LinG Speaker Series
    "Time is everything: against a synchronic theory of vowel systems"
  9. May 2003: Harvard LinG Speaker Series
    "Lifting the veil on perception"
  10. Apr 2003: MIT Phonology Circle
    B. Vaux) "Lifting the veil on perception"
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