Colin Phillips

Professor of Linguistics & Distinguished Scholar-Teacher
Director, Maryland Language Science Center
Co-Director, Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab & Maryland MEG Center
Associate Director, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program

Department of Linguistics
University of Maryland
1401 Marie Mount Hall
College Park, MD 20742

301-405-3082 (office)
301-405-7104 (fax)
office: 1413F Marie Mount Hall

My research combines linguistics with language processing, language acquisition and cognitive neuroscience, with the aim of understanding the microstructure of linguistic computation. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate models of language, from high-level theoretical models all the way to the neurophysiological level. This will take a while.

I am fortunate to work among a fantastic team of faculty and students in Maryland Linguistics. I also enjoy being a part of the largest and most integrated language science community in North America, where I direct the new Maryland Language Science Center, a broad initiative (17 departments and centers in 6 colleges) to combine basic science of language with real-world challenges in technology, education, and health. I coordinate Maryland's interdisciplinary graduate training program on "Biological and Computational Foundations of Language Diversity", supported by an award from NSF's IGERT program. I was a founder of Maryland's Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Center, and recently helped to establish the Maryland Neuroimaging Center.

When I am not doing these things, you might find me running, cycling, or occasionally even swimming. I enjoy (semi-)extreme endurance events such as this and this. In 2013 I was a member of TeamUSA in the World Duathlon Championship (run-bike-run), and I coordinate Team Psycho Linguists, an regular fixture in the annual 200-mile DC Ragnar Relay.


Spring 2014

Psycholinguistics II (LING 641)

Language Science Lunch Talks
(Thursdays, 12:30pm, St Mary's Hall)

Psycholinguistics Lab Meetings
(Fridays, 12 noon, 1108B Marie Mount)

Past Semesters

LING 240: Language & Mind, last taught 2004, 2007 (honors)
LING 640: Psycholinguistics, last taught 2012
LING 641: Psycholinguistics II: last taught 2012
LING 646: Cognitive Neuroscience of Language, last taught 2007
LING 849: Psycholinguistics Seminar 2006
LING 889: Electrophysiology of Language 2001, Neuroscience of Syntax 2003
LING 101: Introduction to Linguistics 1999 (U. of Delaware)
LING 610: Syntax II 2000 (U. of Delaware)


Papers etc.
Maryland Linguistics

Maryland Language Science Center

Current PhD Students: Pedro Alcocer, Sol Lago, Dan Parker, Dustin Chacón, Shota Momma, Lara Ehrenhofer, Allyson Ettinger, Anton Malko
Graduates: Wing-Yee Chow (BCBL, San Sebastián), Takuya Goro (Tsuda College, Japan); Nina Kazanina (U. of Bristol, UK), Dave Kush (Haskins Labs/Yale), Shevaun Lewis (Johns Hopkins), Leticia Pablos (Leiden Univ., Holland), Clare Stroud (Natl. Acad of Sciences), Matt Wagers (UC Santa Cruz), Masaya Yoshida (Northwestern U), Ellen Lau (Maryland), Akira Omaki (Johns Hopkins U), Brian Dillon (UMass/Amherst)


Zoe Phillips
Andrea Zukowski

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