LING 646/889D: Cognitive Neuroscience of Language


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Date Topic Readings Supplementary (not required) Readings Assignment
Mon., Aug. 28 Introduction Marr (1982)
Poeppel & Embick (2005)
Embick & Poeppel (2014)  
Wed., Aug. 30 ERP fundamentals; whirlwind tour of language ERP components Luck Ch. 1, p. 1-34
Kemmerer p. 459-469
Buxton (2002) Chapter 1
Loggia slides
Discovery of the Neuron


In the first part of the course, we'll look at how cogneuro methods have been used to address **questions about sentence processing that originated in the behavioral psycholinguistics literature.

Mon., Sep. 4 Labor Day      
Wed., Sep. 6 **Are comprehenders immediately sensitive to grammatical constraints? Xiang, Dillon & Phillips (2009)
Tanner, Nicol, & Brehm (2014)
Phillips, Wagers, & Lau (2011)  
Mon., Sep. 11 Functional interpretation of ERP components: revisiting N400 and P600 Lau, Namyst, Fogel, & Delgado (2016)
Vissers, Chwilla, & Kolk (2006)
Wed., Sep. 13 Functional interpretation of ERP components: revisiting N400 and P600 Kim & Osterhout (2005)
McLaughlin et al. (2010) p. 123-132
Mon., Sep. 18 ERP methodological considerations; EEG lab visit Luck Ch. 2, p. 51-75    
Wed., Sep. 20 **Does sentence structure rapidly modulate lexical-semantic access? Xiang & Kuperberg (2015) Nieuwland & Van Berkum (2006)  
Fri., Sep. 22
Lab 1 (EEG) due
Lab 1 data
Mon., Sep. 25 **Does sentence structure rapidly modulate lexical-semantic access? Chow, Lau, Wang & Phillips (manuscript)    
Wed., Sep. 27 **Are syntactic predictions actively maintained? Wagers & Phillips (2013)
Fiebach et al. (2002)
Fri., Sep. 29
CITI Human Subjects Training due
Mon., Oct. 2 fMRI foundations background reading    
Wed., Oct. 5 **Are syntactic predictions actively maintained? Matchin, Sprouse, & Hickok (2014)    
Mon., Oct. 9 **Is prior linguistic structure actively maintained? Wagers & McElree (in press)
Pallier, Devauchelle, & Dehaene (2011)


In the second part of the course, we'll look at how cogneuro methods have been used to address questions about how linguistic knowledge and processing is neurally implemented in humans.

Wed., Oct. 11 Is prior structure actively maintained (through oscillations)? Ding, Melloni, Zhang, Tian, & Poeppel (2015)    
Mon., Oct. 16 Spillover      
Wed., Oct. 18 Localization logic McCandliss et al. (2003)
Fedorenko et al. (2011)
Bedny et al. (2011)
Fri., Oct. 20
Group project first draft proposals due
Mon., Oct. 23 Localization and aphasia: classic Kemmerer Ch. 3    
Wed., Oct. 25 Localization and aphasia: PPA Kemmerer Ch. 4    
Fri., Oct. 27
Group project stimulus materials and second draft proposals due
Mon., Oct. 30 Neuroanatomical network for speech perception: what is lateralized? Kemmerer Ch. 5 Hickok & Poeppel (2007)
Overath et al. (2015)
Wed., Nov. 1 How quickly/early in the neural pathway is phonological category information abstracted? Kazanina et al. (2006)
Myers et al. (2009)
Chang, Knight et al. (2010)
Scharinger et al. (2012)
Schluter, Politzer-Ahles, & Almeida (2016)
Mon., Nov. 6 Using MEG to probe phonological representations Schluter, Politzer-Ahles, & Almeida (2016)    
Wed., Nov. 8 Society of Neurobiology of Language - no class      
Mon., Nov. 13 How is lexical and conceptual knowledge neurally implemented? Multivariate approaches Norman et al. (2006)
Mitchell et al. (2008)
Schwartz et al. (2009)
  Submit a paragraph describing a tentative idea for the research proposal
Wed., Nov. 15 How is semantic composition neurally implemented? Westerlund et al. (2015)
Frankland & Greene (2015)
Fri. Nov. 17
Group project raw data due
Mon., Nov. 20 What does Broca's area do? Grodzinsky & Santi (2008)
Hagoort (2005)
Rogalsky & Hickok (2011)
Wed., Nov. 22
Mon., Nov. 27 What does it mean to 'localize' syntax or sentence processing? Brennan (2016), p. 299-304
Dehaene et al. (2015)
Wed., Nov. 29 Return to foundations Embick & Poeppel (2014)   Group project data analyzed
Mon., Dec. 4 Translational implications of CNL research Neville et al. (2013)
Hanulikova et al. (2012)
Wed., Dec. 6 Group project presentations     Group project presentations
Fri., Dec. 8       Group project write-up submitted
Mon., Dec. 11 Research proposal presentations     Research proposal presentations
Fri., Dec. 15
Research proposal due