Chris Heffner

PhD, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, University of Maryland, College Park
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Connecticut

I'm a proud Midwesterner, having been born in Indiana and grown up in Minnesota. Probably the most linguistically-interesting aspect of my dialect is my Canadian raising, which applies only to /aj/ but can be encountered in unexpected locations ("spider", "tiger", "hire").

I do have interests that fall outside of academia. I'm an amateur genealogist. Among other findings, I'm a direct descendent of Thomas Mayhew, whose vowels Bill Labov once speculated about. I also enjoy writing, reading, and playing any computer game made by Maxis and its successors and Paradox Interactive, as well as various strategy board games. I avidly follow politics, and am a big fan of Canada. I also consider myself an urbanist and a fan of public transportation. I'm also a county collector and a capitol collector.

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