Jeffrey Lidz

University of Maryland
Department of Linguistics
1401 Marie Mount Hall
College Park, MD 20742
301-405-8220 (tel)
301-405-7104 (fax)

Representative Work
Hacquard, V. & J. Lidz (2018) Children's attitude problems: Bootstrapping Verb Meaning from Syntax and Pragmatics. Mind and Language.

Odic, D., P. Pietroski, J. Halberda & J. Lidz (2018) Individuals and Non-individuals in Cognition and Semantics: The Mass/Count Distinction and Quantity Representation. Glossa.

Perkins, L., N. Feldman & J. Lidz (2017) Learning an Input Filter for Argument Structure Acquisition. Proceedings of Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics.

Lidz, J., A.S. White & R. Baier (2017) The role of incremental parsing in syntactically conditioned word learning. Cognitive Psychology.

Han, C.H., J. Musolino & J. Lidz (2016) Endogenous sources of variation in language acquisition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Lidz, J., P. Pietroski, T. Hunter & J. Halberda (2011) Interface Transparency and the Psychosemantics of 'most'. Natural Language Semantics 19:227-256.

Viau, J. & J. Lidz (2011) Selective Learning in the Acquisition of Kannada Ditransitives. Language, 87, 679-714.

Recent Review Articles
Lidz, J. & L. Perkins (2017) Language Acquisition. in J. Wixted (ed) Stevens Handbook of Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Wiley.

Lidz, J. & A. Gagliardi (2015) How Nature Meets Nurture: Universal Grammar and Statistical Learning. To appear in Annual Review of Linguistics

Omaki, A. & J. Lidz (2015) Linking Parser Development to Acquisition of Syntactic Knowledge Language Acquisition.

Lidz, J. (2016) Quantification and Scope in Child Language Oxford Handbook of Developmental Linguistics.

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A good prospector, a serious one, who does not want to tell lies either to others or to himself, should not trust in appearances, because the rock, which seems dead, instead is full of deception: sometimes it changes its nature even while you're digging, like certain snakes that change color so you won't see them.
-Primo Levi, "The Periodic Table," 1975.