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On this page you will find links to papers written by Jeff Lidz and various collaborators as well as some handouts or slide shows from various conferences. Papers on Developmental Syntax can be found here: Developmental Syntax. Papers on Theoretical Syntax and Semantics can be found here:

Theoretical Syntax & Semantics

Interface trasnparency and the psychosemantics of most: Semantics, Numerosity & Psychology. w/Paul Pietroski, Tim Hunter, Justin Halberda. 2009. submitted.[.pdf]

The Meaning of Most: Semantics, Numerosity & Psychology. w/Paul Pietroski, Tim Hunter, Justin Halberda. to appear in Mind and Language.[.pdf]

The Grammar of Accusative Case in Kannada. Language 82, 1, 1-23. 2006. [.pdf]

Verb-raising and Grammar Competition in Korean: Evidence from Negation and Quantifier Scope w/Chunghye Han and Julien Musolino. 2007. Linguistic Inquiry, 38, 1-47. [.pdf]

On the lack of reflexive benefactives in Kannada w/Alexander Williams. Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics. Mouton de Gruyter. 2006. [.pdf]

C-locality and the interaction of Reflexives and Ditransitives w/Alexander Williams. in Proceedings of NELS 34. 2005. [.pdf]

Causation and Reflexivity in Kannada in Dayal, V. and A. Mahajan, eds. Clause-structure in South Asian Languages. Kluwer. 2004. [.pdf]

Reflexivity and Resultatives. w/Alexander Williams. in Proceedings of WCCFL 21. Cascadilla Press. 2002. [.pdf]

The Argument Structure of Verbal Reflexives Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 19.2:311-353. 2001.[.pdf] [.ps.gz]

Condition RLinguistic Inquiry 32.1:123-140. 2001. [.pdf]

A (Covert) Long-distance Anaphor in English. w/Chris Kennedy. in Proceedings of WCCFL 20. Cascadilla Press. 2001. [.pdf]

Echo Redupication and the Theory of Word FormationThe Linguistic Review 18:375-394. 2001.[.pdf]

Anti-antilocality in Cole, P., G. Hermon and J. Huang, eds. Syntax and Semantics: Long-distance Reflexives. pp. 227-254. Academic Press: NY. 2000. [.ps.gz]

Grammatical Downsizing and the Redistribution of Semantic Wealth w/Tonia Bleam and Chung-hye Han. in Proceedings of 24th Penn Linguistics Colloquium. 2000. pp. 37-53. [.pdf]

A Three-legged Chicken Snippets 1.January 2000. [.pdf]

The Morphosemantics of Object Case in Kannada in Proceedings of 18th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. Cascadilla Press. 2000. [.ps.gz]

Echo-Reduplication in Kannada: Implications for a Theory of Word Formation in Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. 2000. [.pdf]

Valency in Kannada: Evidence for Interpretive Morphology in Dimitriadis, Lee, Moisset and Williams, eds. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. 5.2:37-63. 1998. [.ps.gz]

Chains and Phono-Logical Form w/Bill Idsardi in Proceedings of 22nd Penn Linguistics Colloquium. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. 5.1 1998. [.ps]

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