Philip J. Monahan

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Laboratory

Department of Linguistics

Univ. of Maryland

College Park, MD 20742-7505

pmonahan AT umd DOT edu

(301) 405-8140


Currently, I'm a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Maryland, College Park for the Fall 2009 semester. In January 2010, I will begin a post-doctoral research position at the Basque Center for Cognition, Brain & Language in San Sebastián (Donostia, Guipúzcoa), Spain.

My primary area of interest includes speech perception and its neural bases. Additionally, I'm interested in issues involved lexical access and retrieval. My advisors are David Poeppel and William Idsardi, and I am a member of the SOUND++ Lab. Prior to coming to the University of Maryland, I spent a year as a visitor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, San Diego (where I fell in love with the outdoors) and completed my M.A. (2003) and B.A. (2001) from the Program in Linguistics at the University of Florida.

In addition to studying linguistics, I enjoy landscape photography (links to my Flickr page, which I try to update several times per week). The slideshow above is an up-to-date view of my photostream (click on ▶ to view). I also enjoy running, hiking, camping, kayaking and playing soccer (and watching FC Barcelona whenever they’re playing).

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