Wing-Yee Chow  


I am a Lecturer in Experimental Linguistics at University College London (UCL). I conduct psycholinguistic and cognitive neuroscience research to study how humans process language in real time.

Before coming to London I was a post-doc at the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL) in San Sebastián, Spain.

I did my PhD in Linguistics with Colin Phillips and Ellen Lau at the University of Maryland. There I was an active member of an interdisciplinary language science community and NSF's IGERT program "Biological and Computational Foundations of Language Diversity."

As a undergraduate I studied with Fred Genesee, Karsten Steinhauer and Kris Onishi at McGill University.


wingyeechow.zoey (at) gmail (dot) com

Research Department of Linguistics
Div. of Psychology & Language Sciences

Chandler House
2 Wakefield Street
London WC1N 1PF
United Kingdom


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