Wing-Yee Chow  


Graduate-level Course

Fall 2014    Foundations of Linguistics (MA Linguistics, UCL)

Spring 2014     Cognitive Psychology 2, Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language, University of the Basque Country
                       Co-instructor: Simona Mancini

Undergraduate-level Course

As primary instructor

Fall 2011     LING499 Real-time Language Processing, University of Maryland
                       Co-instructor: Shevaun Lewis
                       Syllabus [.pdf]

As teaching assistant

Spring 2010    LING200 Introductory Linguistics, University of Maryland

Fall 2010        HONS218 Honors Seminar: Language and Mind, University of Maryland

Spring 2009    LING240 Language and Mind, University of Maryland

Workshops and Tutorials on Research Methods

Jan 2014    ERP data processing and analysis workshop, BCBL

Jan 2012    Programming, Data Visualization and Statistical Analysis in R, Maryland Interdisciplinary WinterStorm Bootcamp

Sept 2011  EEG/MEG workshop, University of Maryland

Jan 2011    EEG workshop, Maryland interdisciplinary WinterStorm Bootcamp

Oct 2011    EEG/MEG workshop, Second Language Research Forum

Jan 2010    EEG workshop, Maryland interdisciplinary WinterStorm Bootcamp

Student Advising / Mentoring

PhD students in IGERT program at the University of Maryland: Katya Solovyeva (Second Language Acquisition); Chuchu Li (Human Development and Quantitative Methodology)

Post-baccalaureate research fellows: Ilia Kurenkov (2013-present); Glynis MacMillan (2012-2013); Cybelle Smith (2011-2012)

Undergraduate students: Shefali Shah (2012-13); Erin Mahoney (Summer 2012); David Na (2011-2012)


Resources / Slides

Guide to reading an empirical paper (co-authored with Shevaun Lewis for an undergraduate-level psycholinguitics seminar) [.pdf]

A quick introduction to event-related potentials (ERPs) in language research [.pdf]

A quick introduction to programming in R [.pdf]