Nick Huang

University of Maryland
Department of Linguistics
1401 Marie Mount Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Email: znhuang /at/ umd /dot/ edu
ORCID: 0000-0001-8022-1097

I am a graduate student in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Maryland - College Park, where my advisers are Howard Lasnik and Colin Phillips.

My research interests are primarily in syntax -- sentence and phrase structure -- and how we use our knowledge of syntax to produce and comprehend sentences in real time.

In particular, I am interested in clausal syntax and how wh-dependencies, tense, and modality are represented in them. Although the form of these phenomena varies substantially across languages, linguists have uncovered cross-linguistic generalizations that suggest that these issues are closely related. I investigate these issues with a variety of methods: acceptability judgments, formal experiments, and corpus work.

As someone who grew up in a multilingual, code-switching environment, I am also interested in linguistic variation and language contact. I previously worked on the Yale Grammatical Diversity Project with Raffaella Zanuttini.

Languages: English (including colloquial Singapore English), Chinese (Mandarin, Chaozhou (Southern Min)), Indonesian / Malay, some Japanese


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