Courses & Activities

Courses taught

In spring 2017, I designed and instructed LING453: Mathematical Approaches to Language. This course covered basic formal language theory, and applications of logic and algebra to computation and issues in linguistics.

In fall 2016, I co-instructed HONR218L with Prof. Juan Uriagereka, an honors seminar which serves as an advanced introduction to linguistics. For this course, I helped students do basic research for student-led discussions and presentations, as well as gave lectures reviewing and discussing the presented material.

In spring 2016, I TA'd LING312, an advanced undergraduate syntax course with Prof. Omer Preminger .

In fall 2015, I TA'd LING311, an introduction to syntax course with Prof. Tonia Bleam.

I have TA'd for LING200, a general undergraduate introductory linguistics course.

I have TA'd this course twice, in the Fall of 2014 with Prof. Peggy Antonisse, and the Spring of 2015 with Prof. Tonia Bleam.

For those classes, I led a weekly discussion section, graded homework and exams, and held weekly office hours.

I also taught this course as an instructor in Summer 2015 and Summer 2016. For these sessions, I designed materials, including homeworks, preps, in-class exercises, and exams.

Professional activities

I was on the 2015 Morphest planning committee and 2016 Mayfest planning committee.

I have also organized and presented in short workshops about knowledge of syntax and syntactic theory for visiting high school and middle school students as part of my involvement with outreach, such as this one.

I am also a regular participant in the Philosophy-Linguistics group PHLING.

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