Eating in College Park

Click here for a Google map of local restaurants, and see below.

The categories below are roughly ordered by distance from campus. Within each category, restaurants are in order of distance from Marie Mount Hall. Distances are listed explicitly only for those locations that are more than 1/2 mile away, and so more than a 10 minute walk. The farthest restaurants still within town are about 4/5 miles away, a 16 minute walk.

Stamp Student Union Hall

Center of College Park

Storefronts at The Hotel, 7777 Baltimore Avenue

First block down the hill (Baltimore Ave / Lehigh Ave / Knox Rd)

  • Marathon Deli, 4429 Lehigh Ave: Greek deli (subs, gyros, spanakopita)
  • Krazi Kebab, 4427 Lehigh Ave: South Asian wraps with fresh naan
  • Krazi Burrito, 4425 Lehigh Ave: Burritos, tacos and quesadillas
  • Pizza Kingdom, 4439 Lehigh Ave: pizza
  • Potbelly, 7422 Baltimore Ave: grinders and hoagies (hot and cold subs)
  • Ten Ren, 7418 Baltimore Ave: Chinese
  • Milkboy Arthouse, 7416 Baltimore Ave: bar, sandwiches, new-American bistro food
  • Red Boat, 7412 Baltimore Ave: Vietnamese with fusion twists
  • Jimmy John's, 7410 Baltimore Ave: grinders and hoagies (hot and cold subs)
  • Qu Japan, 7406 Baltimore Ave: soup noodles in Japanese style and fast-casual hibachi grill
  • Nando's Peri Peri, 7400 Baltimore Ave: flame-grilled marinated chicken, South African style
  • Lotsa Pizza, 4350 Knox Rd: quick-fired thin-crust personal pizzas

Across Baltimore Ave (east side), plus College Ave

  • Bagel Place, 7423 Baltimore Ave: bagels, coffee, sandwiches
  • Wasabi Bistro, 4505 College Ave: casual Japanese
  • Aroy Thai, 4511 College Ave: Thai
  • Blaze Pizza, 7419 Baltimore Ave: quick-fired thin-crust personal pizzas
  • Cluck U, 7415-B Baltimore Ave: chicken wings
  • Subway, 7411-E: subs
  • Shanghai Cafe, 7409 Baltimore Ave: Chinese, with small submenu of "Chinese Specialties"
  • Ledo Pizza, 4509 Knox Rd: a local variety of pizza with with a pie-like crust and sweet tomato sauce
  • R.J. Bentley's, 7323 Baltimore Ave: bar and bar food
  • Cornerstone, 7325 Baltimore Ave: bar and bar food
  • Kung Fu Tea, 7313-I Baltimore Ave: bubble tea
  • Ten Asian Food Hall, 7313-H Baltimore Ave: Poké, Korean fried chicken, bulgogi, and sweet Asian teas
  • Ivy Noodles, 7313-G Baltimore Ave: Chinese, focussing on noodles, in soup or fried
  • Pho Thom, 7313-F Baltimore Ave: Vietnamese (Pho, Bun and rice dishes) and Thai (the usual)
  • Northwest Chinese Food, 7313-D Baltimore Ave: authentic Shaanxi noodles and "rou jia mo" [ɻou̯ t͡ɕʰja mɔ], which is seasoned meat inside a small flatbread

College Park Shopping Plaza

Terrapin Row (250 yards west of Shopping Plaza)

  • Gong Cha, 3/5 mile: Bubble tea (coming soon)
  • Seoul Spice, 3/5 mile: quick-service Korean
  • Poki DC, 3/5 mile: quick-service Hawaiian Poké (coming soon)
  • Cheers Cut, 3/5 mile: Taiwanese flattened and fried chicken (coming soon)
  • Wings Over, 3/5 mile: American chicken wings

West campus and Marriott

  • Jumbo Jumbo Cafe, 3711 Campus Drive, 3/5 mile: small Taiwanese restaurant
  • Subway, 3711 Campus Drive, 3/5 mile: subs
  • The Common, 3501 University Blvd East, Hyattsville, 1 mile: hotel bar and restaurant at the Marriott

Up Route 1 (Baltimore Ave), College park

Near (west) side of highway

  • Looney's, 8150 Baltimore Ave, 3/5 mile: bar and bar food
  • NuVegan Cafe, 8150 Baltimore Ave, 3/5 mile: smoothies and vegan versions of contemporary bistro & diner standards
  • Bobby's Burger Palace, 8150 Baltimore Ave, 3/5 mile: Meaty $8 hamburgers from Bobby Flay
  • Sweet Green, 8300 Baltimore Ave, 3/5 mile: premium salads
  • Board and Brew, 8150 Baltimore Ave, 3/5 mile: café with sandwiches, salads, breakfast, pastries and fancy beers, with 100+ board games to play
  • Vigilante Coffee, 8200 Baltimore Avenue, 3/4 mile: Coffee roaster and cafe

Far (east) side of highway

  • Hanami, 8145 Baltimore Ave, 3/4 mile: sit-down Japanese
  • Taqueria Habanero: 3/4 mile: "99% Mexican" tacos in Pueblan style (coming soon)
  • Pupusa La Familiar, 8145 Baltimore Ave, 3/4 mile: Salvadoran pupusas
  • Food Factory, 8145 Baltimore Ave, 3/4 mile: South Asian kabobs
  • Pho D'Lite, 8147 Baltimore Ave, 3/4 mile: Vietnamese soup noodles
  • College Park Grill, 8321 Baltimore Avenue, 4/5 mile: Bar and grill
  • Kangnam BBQ, 8503 Baltimore Ave, 1 mile: Korean tabletop grills, with a sports-bar atmosphere
  • Fishnet, 5010 Berwyn Rd, 1.5 miles: premium fish sandwiches, made to order

South of College Park (Riverdale & Hyattsville)

Riverdale Park Station, 1 mile down Route 1 (Baltimore Ave)

  • Whole Foods, 6621 Baltimore Ave: salads, pizza, sushi, açaí bowls, fresh juices
  • Burton's, 4440 Van Buren St: fancy-casual American bar and grill
  • District Taco, 6710 45th St: tacos, burritos, quesadillas
  • Mod Pizza, 4401 Woodberry St: quick-fired thin-crust personal pizzas
  • The Habit Burger Grill, 4502 Van Buren St: chargrilled hamburgers from Southern California
  • Jersey Mike's Subs, 6761 45th St: subs
  • Denizens Brewing Co.: local brewery with small bar menu (burgers, salads, fries, etc.) (coming soon!)

Hyattsville, 1.5-2.5 miles down Route 1 (Baltimore Ave)

  • Banana Blossom Bistro, 6202 Rhode Island Ave, Riverdale, 1.5 miles: Vietnamese (coming soon!)
  • Riviera Tapas Bar, 6108 Rhode Island Ave, Riverdale, 1.5 miles: Spanish and Central American tapas (coming soon!)
  • Shagga, 6040 Baltimore Ave, 1.5 miles: Ethiopian
  • Pupuseria El Comalito, 6100 Baltimore Ave, 1.5 miles: Salvadoran
  • Caracas de Ajer (aka Cafe Azul), 4423 Longfellow St, Hyattsville, 1.8 miles: Venezuelan café (filled arepas, cachapas, hallacas, cuban sandwiches)
  • Chipotle, 5501 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: Mexican
  • Jimmy John's, 5501 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: hoagies, grinders
  • Tara Thai, 5501 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: sit-down Thai
  • Elevation Burger, 5501 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: grass-fed beef hamburgers
  • Yogi Castle, 5501 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: frozen yoghurt
  • Spice 6, 5501 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: quick-service South Asian
  • Busboys and Poets, 5331 Baltimore Avenue, 2 miles: New American casual, vegetarian-friendly, mainly seafood, with a bar
  • Franklin's, 5123 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: New American casual restaurant and brewery, wide-open plan and lively atmosphere
  • Chez Dior, 5124 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: Senegalese
  • Sangfroid Distillery, 5130 Baltimore Ave, 2 miles: apple and pear brandies, genever, and rye made on site (coming soon)
  • Streetcar 82, 4824 Rhode Island Ave, Hyattsville, 2.3 miles: brewery, with staff who speak ASL
  • Pizzeria Paradiso, 4800 Rhode Island Avenue, Hyattsville, 2.5 miles: fancy pizza and beer in casual setting
  • Maryland Meadworks, 4700 Rhode Island Avenue Suite B, Hyattsville, 2.8 miles: mead produced on site with local honey

University Town Center, 2 miles southwest, near Adelphi & 410

  • Bonchon, 6507 America Boulevard, Hyattsville: Korean fried chicken
  • Marco & Polo, 6504 American Boulevard, Hyattsville: Uyghur restaurant, with handmade noodles ("laghman"), kebab, pilaf ("polo") and some Turkish dishes

Some further favorites

  • Tiffin, 1341 University Blvd, Takoma Park, 4 miles: Indian
  • Woodlands, 8146 New Hampshire, Langley Park, 4.5 miles: Southern Indian vegetarian
  • Pennyroyal Station, 3310 Rhode Island Avenue, Mount Rainier, 4 miles: New American restaurant and bar (coming soon)
  • Panda Gourmet, 2700 New York Ave, DC, 7 miles: Shaanxi and Sichuan
  • Mandalay, 930 Bonifant St, Silver Spring, 7 miles: Burmese
  • Dukem, 1114 U St NW, DC, 8 miles: Ethiopian